Day off from school gone by..
Published Wednesday October 17th, 2001

Hm.. welp.. today was fun! I didnt have any school, so that was good... hm.. yea... I went to bed around 2 and woke up at 1300... yessss.. 11 hours of sleep... so cool! hm.. well.. today.. i didnt do much.. other then.. play around with a layout for my studio's Site, Emel Studio... the menu is so cool.. bwhahaha... but i have yet to make the right side of the page (in principle everything other than the menu) better.. the right side is still ghetto... hm.. argh.. the right side is annoying me.. gota make it look cool like the menu! hmph!.. ohwell.. hm... soooo... i have enjoyed my day off.. and.. now.. tomorrow.. i have to go to school again, grr... Hm... tomorrow i am going to have to work on some stupid power point thing for some school project that i have been blowing off for a while now.. haha.. its due friday.. which is when i and my group do the whole stupid project thing.. ohwell.. okie dokie.. that probably didnt make sence unless you are me.. hm.. ohwell.. laa dee doo... im in a very good mood right now, highly motivated... (untill i go to school where my motivation will be sucked from me by stupid school.) hmph!!! not cool... grr... but alas.. right now i am on a good mood.. so, i might as wel enjoy it.. ahh! i forgot to mention.. that.. today i also fixed some random bug in the Lister nterface that i have been looking for for quite a while and it had stoped development.. so, thats good.. did that.. development should continue now!! or.. that is, on friday! wheeeeeeee!! excelent! Hm, yep... ok, well then, i think ill go to bed now, so i can preserve my 11 hours of sleep and put them to use elsewhere (no, not at school im thinkng more like... at home.. after school, on the computer!! =) ) anyways... till next post..