News Post!
Published Thursday August 23rd, 2001

Hmm.. well then.. whats new aroud here.. nothing much, infact... hmm... indeed. anyways, for the past few days i've been sitting here on my computer, just being home and yea. Hm, i havent taken a shower or shaven since last friday o.0 and.. umm. yea.. lol, thats prety much all thats really new... Just been following my daily routine for get up at 1200-1300 and then sit on the computer, listen to trance, and just chill out, maybe code a little and relax. Then in the eevening i i watch Jay Leno, and then Conan O'Brien. and after that, i return to my computer untill about 0400-0500. Hm, yup, nothing much different.
However, horrible news.... i start s*hool soon... on the 28th, ohh noooo!! Not again! baaah! ehhr...Less trance, less computer... *sob* isnt that sad? indeed it is...
By the end of this week i plan to have upgraded, or completed my guestbook on this site, and also finished the "About Me" section. I also intend to release my photographs from switzerland, and fix a bug that was pointed out to me in the "In The Sky" album...Once i get that done, i want to continue working on my List Bot service that i have started but not completed. But before i do that, ill probably upgrade my Admin Mode for this site, for further security and protection, aswell as ease of updating the site and also adding more dynamicly updated content. =) Hm, i should also get working on Emel Studio, and then the Mother Page of this site,, which i also have not done yet. wooosh! so much to do, so little time! baah! stupid s*hool coming and wasting my time. tsk tsk tsk. I wish i could also find some motivation to go and learn some new programing language, and most important of all, to start learning how to 3D Animate! I've been bmeaning to for a half a year now... baah! ehh... oh-well.. either no motivation, s*hool, or busy with other things. Hm, im sure ill get to it one of these spontaneouse days, ey? Hm, also... any one out there have any suggestions on what i could add or change on this site to furthermore better it? if you do, just contact me via that contact section in the menu! thanks! welp, till next post! I feel like going to bed now!