Are things rolling?
Published Thursday September 27th, 2001

Hm, well then. its been 2 days since the last post... lets post another one! Hm.... so, is ready to kick off soon... Lister is comming along well, and vEdit is right behind it! I did some research today on ftp and php, and... go figure! php has ftp functions! it doesnt get easier then that! I am not really in the mood to program an ftp system in Perl... I'm not sure Perl has ftp functions... i assume it does.. but i have never swayed that way with Perl.... Then again... never at all have i attempted ftp connections from a program... fun stuff! learning all the time! hm, however... baah! this weekend is a lttle bit jammed for programing and school work time... baaah! I have been rather slackish on a Term Paper due for my English/World Civalizations class... and so i need to get that done this weekend.. cuz.. the rought draft is due monday... *rolls eyes* indeed, i am a procrastinator when it comes to things that are a pain in the arse... Oh-well.. ill use this weekend to write up a report, and then hopefully get a descent grade when it comes time to turn the Paper in.... Bah! School intermixing with my programing time! i disslike it! grr! yea yea yea.. sure i have been procrastinating the paper.. but... i wana code! hmph! ehh, anyways... thats that for today.... must go to bed.. went to bed to late last night...couldnt get up in the morning.. lol.. ahh! ok, anyways.. till next post..