first day of winter vacation
Published Saturday December 21st, 2002

Welp.. im here again.... writing yet another news posting.. wow.... from nothing in .. of.. 5 or so months.. to... 2 postings in 2 days... impressive... really..
Hrm, i just finished writing an interesting, to say the least, email... heh.... bwah, and i have somewhat of an odd stomach ache at the moment... not much fun involved there, thats for sure. Well.. today i got up at around 13.00.... fun, fun... adam called me up shortly thereafter and asked if i wanted to go to fry's... just to look around and hang out... so.. i decided to go.... that lasted a while.. and we ended up back at my house at around a bit after 17.00 or something. we hung around a bit killing time, mostly outside just.. wandering aorund.. and then mike showed up... and we went to chris's house... we took a little detour because we like driving around randomly.... oh, did i mention that matt came with to fry's too? .. we ended up at chris's house.. kate was there as well, wonder why... lol, and.. we watched minority report... when that finished we went to star bucks.. brought matt home.. went back to star bucks.. chatted about hardware a bit- kate seemed lost, poor her.. and.. we then split up, departed for the most part.... adam, mike and i went to the top of my hill and we sat there in the car just chilling.. relaxing.. looking down over camarillo annd talking.. whatever we talked about.. it wasnt important im sure, as i've already forgoten....
hrm.. sometimes i wish that these postings werent so public.... then i woulnt have to sensor some of the things id like to say instead of making sure that the friend balance remains stable, so to speak.. lol.. but if i was straight forward, then many persons would probably not think highly of me, which in some cases might be good, and maybe not.... but, already.. im speaking way to metaphorically in some sence, revealing quite a bit of what im thinking without really saying anything. haha. that was cool. heh. im sure ill hear about it.
Ive notived that i do a lot of mocking in these postings.... at least between this one and yesterdays... haha... im hummored, a tad anyway... hrm... so... its 02.30 and i think ill leave for bed shortly... later today... i have no plans... besides, of course.. to sleep long.. and well... i think ill sleep in a bit, just to avoid the inevitable. its fun! *poke, poke, poke*
Well then.... yes.... oh! yesterday morning there was this "huge" downpour.. and while it lasted, i couldnt get any signal to my sattelite box.. haha... it sort of sucked, though... but.. alas.. oh well, or.. moi foi rather.. Im thinking what else i could say.. but really there's not much more.... so i suppose im done..... meaning.. ill finish... this is the end.. im done... stop reading.. im done... helloo? stop reading.. and.. to myself... marco.. stop typing.. you're done.. hey... remember/... you're done! you're suposed to stop typing and just post this news.... okay. thank you.. im glad you've decided to -.. wow.. im talking to myself.... sad...