-1 Days till DOOM, GAAH!
Published Monday April 8th, 2002

Well then, like the skull? yes? ...i thought so! Yes, why a skull in todays posting? well.. because it was the first day back in school after my wonderfull wonderful, absolutely lovely spring vacation, thats why! AH! Well then, today.. school.. ah yes... one big giant blur.... when i got home? uhm.. i went to bed... then.. i got up and felt a tad bit, barely better, but non the less, better! so what did i do? i went on the computer like ususal! Yes, of course! why? because thats what i do! yes! Well then... Epiar seems to be movin' along.. slighthy.. or, maybe not at all and im completely mistaken... i dunno, i think something is happening though, so thats all good... hrm.. and the cows.. yes, they're all still going moo.. hrm.. you know what? i think its that time of day when i go to bed and... sleep! yes.. and then i can expect another shit day tomorrow of school! why shit? because its school! THATS WHY! aaaaaaaah! ......im out.