Save me from the inevitable!
Published Sunday January 5th, 2003

Heh... well then... interesting and equally "exciting" day saturday has been.... We officially released Epiar 0.2.0 for all platforms that we support and sent out notification to various open source and gamming sites.. recieved over 1100 hits... lol, as sad as that may sound... thats a milestone for me... i've never had a site which i am associated with and have created ever recieve 1000 hits in one day... and, well.. got well over 1000 hits... i am very excited! Yes! life time goal achieved... next set goal, 10,000 hits in one day.. lol dont see that happening anytime soon... but.. still... excellent, excellent... 1000 plus hits.. i am happy. heh.. lol... apparently there have already been quite a number of hits today.. wow.. lol.. its cool, hrm.. cool, this site must have just updated their epiar sections.. they write "Spielspa