Published Saturday December 20th, 2003

Ah, how about an early saturday morning blog posting.. yes.. yes i think thats an excellent idea... why? Well, because i dont really have much else i feel like doing, that.. and.. im too lazy to roll a whole meter into bed... its.. just to much effort, ya know?... lol.

So, lets start off... with.. last wednesday... or.. late tuesday... Either way.. around that time... Kernel 2.6 was released! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh... exciting, although.. my plans concerning kernel 2.6 are to wait untill my tv tunner is supported under kernel 2.6... because.. uhm... not having a tv tunner on my computer... id... id.. just..die... i enjoy having tv running in the background at all times... heh.. yea, but still.. kernel 2.6! woooo! Excellent... next up on the looking forward to release list is... well... plenty of things.. but, a major one.. GNome 2.6... however... i think thats schedules for march or something.. im not sure. I love not being a windows user. I love my Linux. Its so pretty. mmmm.

Anyways... Tuesday.. i got home from school.. then.. headed off to bed... i slept untill dinner time.. ate dinner.. then.. i returned to bed... sleeping sleeping sleeping.... got up at around 2100... then, at around 2230 mike came by and picked me up... we then drove to adams and picked him up... (tyson, raymond, diane also came) why? well... we were going to go see the Midnight showing of Lord of The Rings: The Return of the Kind..... WOOOOOO!!!! Was awesome, btw... heh... anyways..w e got there.. waited for 90 min in a line... lol.. the crowds at midnight showings is always so amusing... all energetic and hyper... ppl yeelling and so forth.. always entertaining. In the previews they played one of those "DOnt steal movies online because im a stuntman and i lose money for some reason when you pirate movies" commercials.... and.. everyone yelled and shouted disaprovals. Was great. lol. THe movie finished at around 0400 in the morning.. and i got home about 15 minutes later.. and went straight to bed.. lol... 3 hours later i got up to go to school.. WOOOO!.. heh... lol

Will adam brew this mushroom into some hallucigen, or just eat it straight?

Anyways... wednesday... pretty boring typical school day.. after school, I and Kirk got togheter to build our bridge... a project which we got assigned in physics class.. to build a bridge... out of popsicle sticks.... heh... so.. we did that... I got home around 1700...

Thursday... Chris, Marwin, wes, tyson and i, plus one of the music students staying at my house, Tobias went to go see return of the kind again.. hahahaha.... WOOO! kicked ass the 2nd time too!

Friday.. went to school as normal.. first period.. we did nothing... during passing periods between 1st and 2nd period i got fed up with going to class because for the next 3 periods all i'd be doing was watching a movie.. and.. i didnt care much about doing that.. so.. i ditched... on my way down to my car i came accross a friend of mine, Jessica.. and her friend Danielle... and.. uhm.. we went to Dennys and ate... chatted at dennys.. i mainly listened to them recite random events in their life... lol, was more entertaining then school.... After Dennys.. we parted ways and i drove to Newbury park to the Bank of America branch there ( i didnt know of where the branch in camarillo was located...lol) and.. i closed my student savings account and got my lovely $135 on the account... and.. headed off to the Oaks mall... where.. i spent a good majority of it buying things which will remain nameless, obviously... I drove back to camarillo, bought another nameless item at a nameless location and then.. quickly stopped by at home.. dropped off the stuff... used the restroom (fascination, i know) and then.. drove back to school for 5th period. As i drove into upper, some persn wanted to see my ID to see if i was a student... so i pulled out my ID.. they asked why i had left, and w/o missing a beat i said i had a doctors appointment. Parked.. and... went to the group meeting spot... soon thereafter.. bell rang... and i went off to 5ht period physics where we tested out our bridges to see how much weight they could hold.... they all sucked... couldnt hold any weight... lol.... oh well. Was extremely entertaining seeing everyones bridge crash, crumble and die.... heh... 5th period ended.. i went home.. and... whaddya know.. i took a nap...

At around 1700 mike picked me up... we got matt and we went to Canoga, the Madrid theatre there... to go see a ballet performance which Kate was in... was entertaining.... nonetheless.... Mike, matt and i had a blast in the car whistling and "singing" to music.. chatting.. and having a blast in the traffic... We got back home to camarillo and we went to Kates house where we had dinner and hung out for the rest of the evening chatting.....

And..well.. mike dropped me back off at home and.... watched Conan... and... here i am... Saturday morning... 02:22:47 in the morning... first day of my lovely but too short 2 week vacation! Ah, vacation is good. Not going to school, most excellent i must say.

This coming week... Christmass.. i cant say im really feeling the whole holiday spirit and such yatta.... I am a grinch! The coming friday/saturday wes and i may go to big bear to go snowboarding/skiing... that would be fun, and will be if we go. Indeed.

Meh.. i have 3 assignments to procrastinate untill the last day of vacation... Goverment thesis paper, English Hamlet thesis paper and some german child's book thingo... wooo hooo... how exciting.... cant wait to do that crap..oh.. oh wait.. yes.. yes i can! mwah.

Anyways... yea... what random babble could i type now? There must be something worthwhile or interesting to say... ponder ponder.. ponder...

Heh.... i really dont have much insigtful to say, so i guess this'll be it for now.