Wednesday: half way there!
Published Wednesday February 5th, 2003

Heh.. dont have much time right now... its 2300 and i really want to go to bed early tonight... anyways... yeh.. i finally passed my liscence test.. so.. i now have my liscence.. WOOT! i missed 13 or something.. lol.. heh.. woot.
other news.. gnome 2.2 was released.. so.. ive been sitting here all day compiling packages and.. i just finaly finished and am now running it.. i still have some stuff to fix which i somehow screwed up.. heh.. but.. its pretty.. ooooh aaahhh.. eeeehh.. oooaaahhh.... =).. anyways... yep.. off to bed i go.
summary for today would be:
* got liscence
* installed gnome 2.2
till later..
Posted by rachel @ 00:08, February 06, 2003
the golden ticket to no where. the license 17 days till my test hoo ra