Aww, bye bye spring break
Published Sunday April 20th, 2003

Wheeee!!!! Pretty, no? oh yes! yes! yes!!! THese are all photos from wednesday, when i went to the poppy reserve up near lancaster in antelope valley..... very nice place. i had fun.. drove my family and i there and back.. yes. The first photo up there ^ has to be one of my best touched up photographs ever! Im completely obbsessed with it, i love it!!! mwahahahaha!!! Then, the other 2 up there are also great!! wHEEE!!!! heh, i did a lot of enhancement to the photographs themselves from the original photo, looks much better.. mmm! /me is obbsessed with top photo. I want a print! hmph.
Be sure to click on one of the images to check out my page with more photos from the poppy reserve... pretty nice ones up there.... check them out....
ALSO!.. the original, untouched and more plentiful photographs from the reserver are available here
Yes, indeed.... enjoy those.. leme know what you think.... I already cant wait to take pictures this summer when i go to hawaii!! woot! that's going to kick so much ass... wheeeeeee!!!. ... whee!!!... wheeeeeeee!!!!! yessss....

Hrm, well then.. after wednesday, so.. in other words, thursday.. i hosted a LAN, where i had 3 of my friends over and we spent 2 days in the guesthouse, just hanging out, playing games on the game cube i borrowed from MIke, or over the network.. it was fun, as usual! heh, thats how is pent the last 2 days... now all that remains is sunday, today... (which reminds me... saturday, after everyone left. i started to touch up all the poppy reserve photos, and uploading them to heh... so, today.. later after i wake up im going to burn off the rest of my spring break *tear* playing and hopefully beating Zelda Wind Waker!!!! wheeee!!!! that game is cool. kicks ass.... very much soo... just like that first photo up there ^.. also kicks ass.. very much.. quite much.. indeed... yessss!!!!!!!! wheeeee!!!!!! and.... AAARRRGGGHHH>... i dont want spring vacation to be over... bwah!!!! bwah!!! !bwah!!!!!!!.... *sob*.. /me tear.... heh...
This comming week in school is oging to be "gay" .. argh. Stanford testing untill noon, and then lunch.. and after 2 periods of class, or something of the sort.... argh, thats going to blow... a lot.. of. blowing... GRRRR... i just want to go home, yes? yes!
I hate school, oh i doo....
my grades came today..or.. saturday for the quarter, and.. they stand as i had predicted in previous posting... heh... foobar.
/me dances (in chair) to his music.. laaaaa i love music.
Heh... I wonder whats in store in my not so distant future... my todo list, so to speak.. or.. things i'd like to get accomplished.....
* I want to finanlly get my posters frammed, dafinately..
* i want to go shopping for new clothes, somewhat alter my apparel a bit... i feel like some change...
* i think its somewhat time to somewhat trim my somewhat long hair... somewhat.
* id like to get a glass of milk right now
/me leaves and returns, glass of milk in hand.
* id like to do a redesign for this site (its been over year since the last redesign, and some code is starting to break appart- yes its possible, so to speak)
* id like to finish reading this book called Cryptonomicon
* id like to go out on weekends, alone of with friends and go to different places, to maybe hike or see things and take photographs
* id like to learn more about photography
* id like to get a job

Hrm.. thats all i can think of right now.. i wonder ho much i will accomplish.. especially since about 3 or 4 of the things up there i wanted to do over spring break.. but.. seeing that spring break is just about over.. well... fuck. grrr.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeee, reaaally cool song in this mix... yeeeyy.....
/me spazzes
Wow, this is great!
/me dances around
heh, well thats it for today.. ill probably post again relatively later today.