Summer Vacation Begins!
Published Saturday June 14th, 2003


Guess what!?... SUmmer vacation! I'm on summer vacation! No school for almost 3 months! Its just too good to be true! It just doesnt seem right.. something is wrong.. someone is pulling my leg.... But.. nope! It's really true! ITS SUMMER!!! wooohoooo!!!! I CANT BELIEVE ITS SUMMER VACATION! I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY!!! IM HIGH ON HAPPINESS!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!! ... Wow... heh....

To celebrate the occasion.. Mike and grant picked me up from school right as the bell rung... (the minutes before i was extremely anxious, trembling.. waiting to leave and be free!).. we then went to go eat at olive garden.. and then... we drove around... for... 450 miles.. hahahahhahahha... hahahahah... hahahahahah...... We drove to Ojai, over the mountains on the 33, onto the 166... and from there to Santa Maria or something.. 71 miles norht from Santa Barbara... LOL!!!! IT was so much fun, driving arond aimlessly, a tad bit lost.. just.. driving.. whichever way we cared to go... It was awsome... IN Santa Barbara, there was traffic.. so.. we were bored... i asked some guy in the car next to us if he would pass the grey puppon... he said.. he didnt have any, and that he was sorry that he couldnt pass any... and... i said.. oh... thats to bad... and then we got separated... hahahaha.... it was hilarious... oh wow.. the whole day kicked ass.. way too much fun...

WHen we got back to camarillo, we hung out at Chris's house untill i went home at 15 to midnight... heh... i watched Conan o brien.. got ready for tomorrows hike.. and.. here i am... heh... Yea, soo.. tomorrow, wes, adam, ray and i are going hiking somewhere in santa paula.. that'll be fun.. heh. Im excited about that... woot...



This break is going to be one of my best in my life. 2 weeks in hawaii with family.. almost 3 weeks in switzerland by myself.. and i have a train ticket pass for pretty much the whole time.. so.. i can go anywhere, anytime.... ahh! its going to be so damn cool! I cant wait!!! aiiii!! aaiiii!!! oohhh aiii!!!

Heh, anyways.. i plan on getting up tomorrow at 1000 in the morning.. so.. i should go get some sleep... heh.. ciao!


I am soooo sooo sooo soooo soooo sooooooooo soosoo sooo happy!!!!