A new week to drag by
Published Monday September 29th, 2003

Ah, well then.. One week has draged on by, and, behold.. another is ready to make its presence known... and.. to.. drag by just as equally painful.. quite possibly even slower because... its a full 5 day week... argh. Heh, yes.. so... a review of past week.. err... during the next commercial break of X-files rerun! Heh.. looks like its one of those random episodes that have nothing to do with anyting... heh.. i like these less then the conspiracy ones.... oh well...

Anyways... hrm.. THursday of last week .. we had a minimum day.. at least.. i believe so.. Apropos minimum day... i wish i had one this week.. bwah. Anyways.. last thursday ... a few of us including mike and grant went to Steak and Hoagie on Carmen Dr.. and.. ate lunch there... that was fun.. I dropped wes, kate, and raymond back off at school for their Physics AP lab.. and.. went home..

Friday.. We all went to The Greek down at ventura harbour and ate dinner.. afterwards kate and i went out... Saturday.. chris, matt, adam, wes tyson and i all went over to mikes house where we played video games for some time, and then ordered pizza... ate the pizza.. and... then.. started to screw around... at one point mike tyson and i, all 3 drivers hoped into mikes car with adam and matt, and drove off... so.. we basically ditched chris and wes who were sitting on my truck bed... anyways.. we drove around the corner, and.. as expected.. when we came back chris and wes were gone.. so.. randomly we started playing some game where we snuck around mikes house and tracked wes and chris down... and.. pointed flashlights around and... played stealthy comando reconaisance what have you.. lol.. it was all veryr andom and unintentional.. heh... yeah.... we returned to playing video games after and.. then.. we all went home..

Sunday.. i played on tysons Playstation2 which he let me borrow.. GTA: Vice City.. lol.. GTA is hilarious.. .. heh.. then.. i went to Best Buy in TO with adam.. but.. it was closed.. so.. we went to Circuit CIty nearby.. and.. then... TO best Buy in Oxnard.. lol... and.. then back home... ate dinner.. watched season premier of Alias.. talked to kate some online.. and... watched X-files, as i've already mentioned... and.. well.. here i am..... Pretty exciting, i know.. i know...

Heh, so.. yea... Another week of school is comming.. yey... And.. right now.. at this very moment.. i feel very sick, random stomach ache and.. i feel like throwing up... which.. is really random because 5 minutes ago i felt 100%... so.. uhm.. excuse me?

Heh... Yea.. sooo... Hrm.. this wednesday, my cousing, Anna is comming from switzerland to stay with us for about a year... im pretty excited about her coming here.. that'll be cool. I like my cousins.. Hell, i like having these 2 random guys here that i never knew before.. Random: hrm.. ive got a runny nose.. bwah.

Anyways.. yea... i should probably go to bed now.. and.. face this coming 5 days of school. UGH.