Site Update: More changes
Published Sunday November 28th, 2004

In the style of, I shall post a little "Site Update" entry mainly because this makes me feel special and important, because I have some (a lot) free time, and I figure perhaps there might be one single person who might possibly, by an off chance care. A major change this site has undergone was the fairly drastic design change. Along with the launch of the version 4 design for came a few site-infrastructure modifications and updates to close some security gaps, increase processing time, and lay in place the foundation for future features to be mentioned in this entry. Additionally, I added threaded-commenting to the weblog entries, meaning that one can now reply to a comment someone has made on a weblog entry, and in turn reply to that reply and so forth. Finally, I just recently added some site statistics in the footer of every page with graphs powered by phpLiveStats, a side-project of mine. A static example of what I am talking about:

13,959 visitors and 46,571 page views since Apr 1st, 2004. Graph
78 visitors (31.5% above average) and 406 page views (105.9% above average) today. Graph
Your IP has visited 26 pages this hour, 125 pages total accounting for 0.31% of all page views.

These changes have brought a bit closer to my 2005 modernisation goals. However, I still have quite a few changes in mind, some behind the scenes, and some in the scenes. The list includes:

  • A user login system
    This would allow me to provide more targeted content mostly for my own personal gain allowing me to publish a broader amount of opinions, rants and ramblings that I might not deem appropriate for a general audience. I would be able to provide a fully featured "message centre" allowing a logged-in user to see any replies to comment's he might have left, new weblog entries, or subscribe to be notified of specific changes or updates. These are just the initial plans.
  • RSS, RDF, and Atom xml weblog syndication
  • XFN aware blogroll and weblog entries
  • A sublog, or sub-weblog for news and entries related specifically to photography
  • Creative Commons Liscencing on textual content
  • Track-back aware weblog
  • Update the "about" page
  • Create a front-page
  • And nameless future other things which will pop into my head.

Indirectly related to I also have some plans in the direction where photography is concerned. Mostly some ideas and desires for photographs, but also with presentation:

  • Launch my photography portfolio and portal @
  • Touch up and complete the remaining photographs I selected to be turned into prints in my deviantArt store, including some panoramic stitches
  • Build a Lego world with all the Lego's we have at home and then do a Lego-world photo-shoot because Legos are awesome

So, this is the work I have in-store for myself. Most of it will probably get done at some point in time. If someone's got any more ideas or suggestions for this site, don't hesitate to leave your mark by adding a comment. Alright then. That is all.
Posted by Matt+Vargeson @ 18:23, November 28, 2004
hah.. i have so many god damn legos

Posted by Marco @ 18:34, November 28, 2004
Me too, ha ha. We should combine forces and build a gigantic Lego world in my families guesthouse's bed-room.

Posted by Margret @ 20:34, November 28, 2004
Matt don't use those two words.God and Damn,please! Margret

Posted by xiphias @ 10:14, November 29, 2004
My face, it burns. A soothing balm perhaps, I shall request at once.

Posted by Marco @ 11:35, November 29, 2004
Uh.. I'm... sorry? .. That.. sucks?..

Posted by wes @ 12:27, December 03, 2004
hm a user authentication thing would be cool, for both of us if you wanna collaborate on it let me know. oh, and unless your title is aliased on purpose, you should anti-alias it :)