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Published Thursday March 25th, 2004

Ah yes.. so... here i am, bored.. and.. feeling like typing away. So, i suppose i shall. Hrm, a quick recount...

Monday i did absolutely nothing, and absolutely nothing was done. Went to school, went back home. Napped. Sat around a bit bored out of my mind because my internet connection has not really been working properly, and still doesnt. Then, i went to bed. Woo! lol

Tuesday i saw The Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind with Mike. I liked it a lot. Made no sence untill towards the end of the movie.. and, as the movie came to a conclusion, i was still thinking to my self, wtf? I love movies like that. If i go wtf? What just happened.. what? .. I loved it. Heh.. I got home and then had dinner. Lasagna. Yummy. I like lasagna. Only problem with lasagna in my family is that.. we always have left overs for days after its originally cooked... and then, im not so much a fan of that lasagna anymore. lol. I took a shower, and when i finished.. my grantparents were ready to say goodbye to me. They left on Wednesday, and i wasnt going to see them in the morning, so we parted in the evening before they went to bed. Heh. I like them. Was nice having them around, and kind of sad that they're leaving again.. but.. Such are things. Besides, i'll see em again in 3 months or so. lol.

Right now im watching car tech of the future on... the history channel. lol. I love the history channel... this channel rules. I'll miss it when i head off to europe. Lol... Speaking of missing things... it's odd... even though its only 6 months.. and 6 months are not that long... i still notice myself checking things off in my mind about what i will and wont have while im in europe. If that makes sence.

Heh, NOW im watching Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way... wooo! I love this history channel.. have i mentioned that.. I love the history channel?

Grant has this link for us... A Maddox rant.. lol. That guy is insane, yet hilarious... though, i cant say i always agree with all of his rants, so dont think i do.

I plan on getting this lens for myself before going to europe. And, a laptop and a portable hard drive... Heh. That way i can edit, manipulate and work with photos i take in europe on the laptop, store any data i dont necessarily need all the time on the portable harddrive... And the lens.. well... its a wide angle lens. Scienic mountains.. scenery thats... awesome.. A wide angle lens just makes sence. Fixed focal lenght. mmmmm. Pricey, though. UGH. But, its so beautiful.. oh..oh... mmmmmmm. lol. Though, i have a self requirement to be careful with how i use my trust funds... Heh.

Hrm... so, tomorrow we have a minimum day. I have a stupid Quote ID test in english which im going to fail because i suck at quote ID, and because quote ID is stupid. Woo. I'm not going to show up to 4th period, instead just go home at around 1000 in the morning. Take a nap, the plan as of now is that Mike and Grant will show up at my house, and then we'll go to Steak+hoagie.. From there, Adam has free tickets to a movie at Edwards, so we're going to go see Dawn of the Dead... Haha, that'll be hilarious.

Ugh, i hate this recent firestone commercial. I hate it when commercials make up their own songs to have played during their commercials. They're always SOOO annoying, and if anything, make me NOT want to purchase their product. Idiots.

Hum de dum.

Wednesday when i came home from school, i drove by the Washington Mutual bank.. i wanted to go make a new bank account.. I drive by the first entrance into the parking lot after hesitating to go for some reason. Then, I thought to myself, okay.. Just take the next entrance... And i drove by that one as well. Whaa? Heh. I wonder what was bothering me that time that i didnt go. Heh.

  • In 1938 a Swissman created LSD because he thought the surgof (however you spell that) poisoning was interesting. Haha! Awesome.
  • Bummer is a term originally refering to the after effects to the mind after the usage of LSD.

History Channel is awesome!

Anyway... Didnt do a whole lot on Wednesday. Got home, at lunch.. Somehow i got sidetraked playing guitar and piano.. and then i took a nap. Woke up at around 1815... That was fun. I then watched South Park at 1900... WOoo! Love South Park. Fun Fun Fun.

Dum de da.. do do dee? Wow... this entry sure has a whole lot of purpose. Oh, wait.. Not. At the start of this entry, i had a lot to say.. now that im here.. i really dont have a whole lot to say. Hrm. Fun? I guess i'll just call it quits then.

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