The locale of nite victuals.
Published Thursday April 15th, 2004

Aye! Arose to the setting sun at an early time in the late afternoon of around 13 minutes past 1400 after shut eye nearly 10 hours earlier at around 0630. Rested my being on a elevated cushion well into the evening inbetween which my eyes glimpsed part 4 of Band of Brothers on the Marco-aclaimed History Channel. During this time, this males body rested on a brown, Italian imported, L shaped couch. Raclette cheese was melted, and dinner was had. This was superseded by a car-assisted drive, piloted by myself, with a destination of Mike Helixs' abode in mind.

Laughter was pushed outward by the muscles lodged somewhere, and somehow in chests of all present (which was 2: Mike and I.) during a viewing of South Park. To this we retaliated by fixing ourselves up with a movie which was recieved upon rental at the nearest Blockbuster. It's title i am unable to recall, though i can tell you that an actor whom which it is probable to incite a reaction from by the calling of Kevin Bacon, was pictured in many frames throughout the presently refered to photoplay.

When one is faced with the misfortune of having ones location be relative, and relatively close, in, or around newbury park, one must keep the following in mind when seeking victuals from such so called "Fast Food" ... "Restaurants": In-n-Out closes at 0100 on weekdays, 0130 on weekends; Taco Bell closes at 2300 every day; Wendy's closes at midnight (possibly every day); El Pollo Loco has an open-hour's schedule too small to read when viewed from a car; Carl's Jr.'s doors are not burdened by open-hour schedules; And Jack in the Box is really not the hermit you'd expect him to be, for the drive thru is open 24/7. It is also noteable enough to note at this noteable noteworthy pointable that the approximate civilian car to cop car ratio lies between 3:1 and 5:1 between the hours (or rather minutes) of 0130 and 0200. Additionally it is noteworthy that a '95 Honda Civic is quite capable of reaching breakneck speeds up to a 110mph going down a so called grade of 7%. This leads me to yet additionally note that the path of concrete and cement between Newbury Park and Camarillo is void of activity at the late, or perhaps early hour of 0300. Speaking strictly in terms of ability, probability and statistics, one could make a trip from the abode of Mike Helix to the domicile of Marco L
Posted by Havanna @ 08:41, April 15, 2004
You must have been really tired when you wrote this... ;)

Posted by andimandi @ 12:19, April 15, 2004
I agree with Havanna!!! = )

Posted by Marco @ 14:52, April 15, 2004
Hrm.. No, i wasn't really tired... Instead, entertained with myself, yet slightly bored.

Posted by DI @ 09:17, April 16, 2004
yeps, you're pretty strange Marco dear. but that's ok, we love ya anyway.

Posted by xiphias @ 21:56, April 17, 2004
Dude, I was so tired when I read this that I don't think I understood any of it. Here's to sleep deprivation!

Posted by DI @ 13:41, April 18, 2004
oh yes, shared apartment sound slike a grand idea...ray says he may be up at ucsb with me...get him in on it too...think we can manage something big enough for when we have spiffy partays and get the cal poly people and mr i-live-in-watts to come visit?