Chicken Sandwich Ditcher
Published Tuesday April 27th, 2004

Heh, with some simple, additionaly enhancements, and changes.. I've become rather fond of this photo. Hoorah! For some reason, all of a sudden, i really, really like this photograph and am now compelled to return to Rose Valley sometime soon to get a few more shots like this so to increase the possibility of a more perfect overall photograph. This one here was a bit fuzzy, so i digitally sharpened it.. I want a shot where i don't have to digitally sharpen the photo. Must try again. Then, once i have a perfect shot, i think i'll order a really large print. Heh, weeee! The photo is nothing special.. rather simple, perhaps that's why i like it.

Anyway, perhaps a quick recap.

Sunday i woke up with a lovely headache and neck ache. Took me around 4 various forms of ibuprofen to get rid of the stupid thing. Not fun. At 1500 i went to PCClub in Thousand Oaks and bought a laptop for which i paid $97 in taxes. For those of you who are interested, the specs are something along the lines of: 15.1" TFT SVGA+, ATI mobility 9000 64mb ddr, pentium M 1.4ghz 1m cache, 2x256 ddr memory, 40gb 5400 rpm disk, built in 10/1000 lan+modem, cdrw-dvd combo drive, 3x USB 2.0, TV out, firewire and secure digital, wlan 802.11b+g module. Also comes with a nylon carrying case. Whoo. The best deal i could find for what it has, and my budget. I'm happy. I can't wait till i can go pick it up. 20/20gb partition on the 40gb hard disk. Throw windows on the secondary partition, and build linux on primary partition. Whoo-hoo.

For the rest of Sunday i sat around more or less. Programmed some. I upgraded some code in this here blog. Added icons to the represent new, old, and currently viewing statuses in the "Headlines" section over there ---> .. and, well yep. Watched Alias at 2100, went to bed at 0200. Details, details.

Monday was a typical school day. Had an extended conversation with Di during 4th period, and then went home to take a 3 hour nap untill around 1600. It was hot Monday. I don't really like heat. Blek. I'd rather be cold any day. Oh-well. People were outside my room installing equiptment for the solar panels, so my really good nap was halted by the banging and sawing of tile outside.

At around 1630ish i went down to Jesse's. We went to the mall where he bought random things. I brought my camera. Some security guy in the mall told me i couldn't take photographs. Some AT&T cellular sales representative wished to offer us phones. He asked if either of us were 18. I'm 18, but if you ask the guy, he'd tell you i was not. I told him i was not 18. Make him shutup and leave me alone. Fascinating, no? Surely.

We then went to Jack in the Box. I ate a Spicy Chicken sandwich as we drove back towards Santa Rosa Rd back towards Jesse's house. We watched Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke, had a good laugh or two. Sat around. Voice chatted with James Chang. Played a game which Jesse had bought in the mall, Generals.. Heh, various things. Somehow time passed rather quickly, and at midnight, after watching an hour of Futurama and Family Guy i went home.

Here i am, now, Tuesday early morning. Not going to school for the rest of the week. There's no point. Senior activities include.. Random asemblies.. Some guest speaker who's going to talk about drunk driving and how her son died when her other son drove drunk... And while this is very sad, i really don't want to hear it. I don't drink. I don't need anyone to tell me not to drink and drive. Once was enough, thank you. There's also some sort of Barbeque.. Woooopedy doo. Buy prom tickets, and then, the rest of the time, more or less.. there are "fun" activities and games where you could win PRIZES! Wow, prizes.. what an insentive for me to go to school. I could win a free limo! No way.. I'd rather drive myself, thank's though. I'm being overly cynical, but, the fact of the matter is that.. wait... there is no matter.. I'm not going! La de do. Sorry, random, pointless rant about, more or less, nothing.


Does anyone out there wish to model for me? Nothing fancy.. but, someone who doesn't mind me taking photos of them somewhere.. I want to try some portrait photography type stuff. Any takers? Please? Heh, let me know if you're ever bored and want your photo taken. That would be darn gosh swell! Heh.

Anyway, i don't really have a whole lot more, so i'll call it quits.

Bah, i've started doing the ... thing a lot again in my blog entries. This needs to stop.
Posted by Jesse+O @ 08:33, April 27, 2004
haha as you already know i do not mind having my picture taken in the least. anytime you need a model i am there

Posted by andimandi @ 18:28, June 04, 2004
i never really read the stuff u wrote but I just look at the pictures have a talent....I like a lot of them....