Photolog entry: La Grande Motte
Published Monday September 27th, 2004

Here are some photo's from La Grande Motte and the surrounding areas I visited. Didn't really touch these photographs, so don't expect a whole lot as far as end-quality. There is no specific order to these.. Enjoy!

Sights from La Grande Motte

The La Grande Motte "Light-tower" at the outskirts of the harbour.

Sight over to hotels from a sea barrier protecting the harbour.

Sight over to hotels from a sea barrier protecting the harbour.

Sight over to hotels from a sea barrier protecting the harbour.

Hotels, ships in the harbour and a path ontop of a sea barrier leading out into the ocean.

A hotel I walked by. Typical construction of La Grande Motte where the theme is "Futuristic."

Again, a supposed "Futuristic" structure.

View from the top of an ocean barrier similar to the one in the photo. This was near where we'd go to the beach.

La Grande Motte from the ship which we took the first time Rita, Anna, Ursula, and I went to Aigues Mortes.

Walking along the path ontop of a sea barrier. Woo hoo for non-horizontal (to the earth) photographs!

One ship, two ship, three ship, four ship, five ship, six ship, seven ship eight ship..

Yet another supposed "Futuristic" structure. Hotel of some sort.

Everywhere people were wishing on the sea barrier protecting the harbour. Some people had more than one fishing rod, some more than 5. I never saw anyone catch anything...?

Again, a view from the sea barrier protecting the harbour. Behind me is the "light-tower" pictured at the top of this entry.

At and around the beach.

My cousins Anna and Ursula laying about the beach.

Anna standing in the ocean at around 22.30. About a two to three minute exposure at f5.6. A bit blury because its impossible to focus on anything at night, even when you do it manualy because you can't see anything. Hooray for unlevel tripod setup.

Cousin Martin and his friend Floris playing around at the beach. The only time it was ever really over cast was on Friday in the morning.

The way to the beach.

Ursula on the boat ride back to La Grande Motte after the first time to Aigues Mortes.

This photo was shot Friday morning just before 11.00, if i recall correctly. Not a night-time shot, even though it looks like one.

The beach on Friday morning..

Martin and Floris on the beach Friday morning.

To and from Aigues Mortes.

I want this ship. It's so cool! It's like the ship in Waterworld but cooler and more modern. I want to sail the seas with it! hmph!

Exiting the canal and heading back into the ocean in Le Grau du Roi. Very difficult lighting, same goes for some other shots down here.

Some sights from the edge of the canal in Le Grau du Roi.

Again, some sights from the edge of the canal in Le Grau du Roi.

One of those cool ships i want in front of the ship i was on!

Some more sights from the canal edge through Le Grau du Roi.

While entering the canal in Le Grau du Roi this bridge had to be rotated so we could pass. Everyone had to wait on us. Ha ha.

A closer view of the above.

Aigues Mortes city wall.

Unfortunately i never took any photographs inside the walls, but just visualize an old town with small alleys filled with street side shops without any motor traffic around, inside these walls and you get a farily accurate picture..

On the back side of the fortified city, one of three entrances/exists.

Same as above, but in the distance you can see more entrances/exits.

114 degrees of 14mm lens goodness to the rescue to give a perspective of the area.

Even my 14mm couldn't handle this long, long wall.. And this was just one side. There were three more sides just like this one.

Here is a photo i got from the internet with a over-view of the walled in city!

* Photos have not been altered and could probably use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments.
Posted by Andimandi @ 18:28, September 27, 2004
no one else has made a comment yet so i decided to make one...heh heh....awesome photos...Ursula looks photogenic

Posted by Margret @ 21:54, September 28, 2004
What a cotrast from La Grand Motte, to Le Grau du Roi. It is really pretty there. Glad you could go.