No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice.
Published Saturday February 26th, 2005

I have no more room in my CD drawer for CD's. That is how I will start todays instalment of the Marco chronicles. (Sounds like awesome... o'possum.) The saga of Marco continues as our hero lives every day similarly to the one before and after it.

As the Wednesday of the week past came along, our hero Marco found himself writing the previous entry. After which, he proceeded to pick up Simon from his respective residence and they drove to Sav On where they both saw Matt and Brian as they drove around Mathews car. Soon Marco and Simon were engaged in a game of semi-cat and mouse with Mattie which ended abruptly when Lil' Matt hung up and terminated the mobile phone call Marco and Mattey were having. All contact with the Matthew was lost and Mr. Orosco showed up. We drove to Carl's Jr. where we met the Chelsea. We entered her mobile dungeon and proceeded through the Carl's Jr. drive thru where I attempted to order a large order of large onion rings.. or.. a large order of onion rings... or a order of large onion rings.. .. large onion ring, please? No? .. Damn. Oh well..

The team of hungry bovine mules.. uhh.. and Marco.. headed to the residence of Simon where episodes (on DVD) were viewed of Aqua Teen. There was a 12 point plan for good happy success, but was aborted in time for Marco to return home and sleep.

With Wednesday at an end, Thursday rolled along and Marco slept in for he had no class to attend. He hung about, took a shower and kicked back and relaxed for he was about to face an extremely difficult final the following day. Marco firmly believes in osmosis, and this is what he practised throughout the day as he studied (via osmosis) for the very challenging final he was about to face the following day. Thoroughly exhausted from all the studying, Marco headed down to the residency of Simon and picked up the Simon. They went to Best Buy on Rose Ave. in Oxnard, then returned and headed to the residency of Chelsea the Fat. At this location we entertained ourselves by barging in on Chelsea as she was dying her hair. They then played some crappy Supper Smash Brothers game on her Game Cube, watched some Daily Show with the very sexy and attractive John Stewart. Jesse joined the bunch and soon they were all watching the great and wonderful "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" movie. An excellent movie about absolutely nothing. Following this film, the party concluded and Marco returned home to his bed. Marco loves his bed.

Hours passed by, and soon Marco awoke at a time around thirty minutes passed the 11th hour of the 25th of February in the unfortunately accepted as standard Christian calender year 2005. Baaazzzing! Marco exited his home after eating lunch with his father, Ringon the 24th of planet Alcazamionsloooow. Marco proceeded to commute to Santa Barbara where we went and took his very challenging and difficult final for his general education class, Culture Studies. After this challenging final was complete, Marco headed to the Brooks Montecito campus where he discovered an almost void-of-car's parking lot.

Many doors were locked, and closed so Marco had to take confusing and long path to get to the front of his PHOto101's teachers file's Out Box to pick up his final 5 prints. Marco climbed up stairs, jumped down into deep crevasses and walked through fully lit dark rooms where he paused to rest and took a photo with his phone's crappy camera.

Soon Marco was on his homeward journey down the 101. He reached his home, took a nap, ate some dinner and then headed down to Mattey's abode. Immediately upon arrival they headed to Sav On where they started to hang about. Marco left Sav On briefly to pick up Westides, but returned to Sav On's again. Soon, Sav On was the happenin' place to be. A good two hours were spent in the Sav On store. Westicles and Marco screwed around a bit, people chatted and Wes became an ugly woman (opposed to an ugly man).

A random shippment of stuff arrived late in the evening, and Marco, Westicles and Lil' Matt helped J-Bones bring the stuff in. Soon Sav On' closed and random people were having a grand party as the minutes progressed into Sav On Afterhours. But alas, at 22.30 the parteeey concluded and only one thing remained. Get food at Vons.

Food entitles Select Soda, cookies and cake. They took their festivities to the residence of Dianne who, like Westides, was down from college for the weekend. At Dianne's crib the party continued well into the night and near morning as Aqua Teen was watched, food was eaten, iMAgiNeiff was played, among other festivities. Soon all the lamers were tired and the party came to a close at around 03.20ish. Marco dropped of Simon and returned to his home. Marco ended up in bed at around 05.00. Marco Marco Marco Marco Marco.

Saturday morning came and passed, and as the hour of 13.00 came along Marco arose from his slumber. Marco blasted his music, and then watched "Dazed and Confused" with much joy. After the film Marco sat on his computer and was not very productive what so ever. Heh.. And now.. Marco sits here on his computer typing these very words. Marco thinks this is very fascinating. Yes.

"What doth this evening hold in store," Marco ponders. He does not know. He sits in his room. It is dark. His feet are slightly cold.. But.. when are they not?
Posted by Simon @ 19:00, February 26, 2005
yes this post is very awesome... o'possum, and (shameless plug-in) people can go to my site to hear what happened when you ordered those infamous onions of ring, err rings of onion. "I want to hear more about Sam, [Marco] wouldn't have made it very far without his Sam."

Posted by Marco @ 19:05, February 26, 2005
haha. Tell me more about Sam! I am Sam and i have a pan in which i am making... large onion rings. I got nothing.

Posted by Di @ 03:25, March 03, 2005
hahahahahahahahahahaha That was awesome Marco, sooo hilarious.