Stoooooopid Society.
Published Friday March 4th, 2005

If only..

Sparklets water trucks are cool. Truck passing truck on two lane highway.. Not so cool.

Wednesday. Went to lunch with Matt. Programmed some stuff in PHP. In evening, went to Simon's and hung out with Simon, Chelsea and Gem! Gem left, Jesse came. Watched Monty Python - The Life of Brian. Fell asleep. Went home.

Thursday. Slept oddly. Went to Santa Barbara with Matt after eating lunch at Snapper Jack's Taco Shack on Telegraph Rd. Bought Provia ISO 100 4x5 colour transparency film. Intended to do EI test. Lighting was too poor. Returned homeward. Made stops along coastline. Returned to Camarillo. Went home. Stuff. Dinner. Hung out with Simon, Andrew and Chelsea. Watched documentary "Supersize" or "Supersize Me" or "Supersize This" .. Whatever it was called. Perfect movie for stereotypical/general drama-inclined American. Went and bought Jumbo Jack at Jack-in-the-Box after movie. Dropped of Simon and Andrew. Went to Matt's. Ate burger. It was good. It alone is not going to make me fat. I hate this society. Drove around. Watched T.V. Returned home. Here I am.

It rains outside.

New episodes of South Park start next Wednesday. Hooray!

Type more? Yes.
Content? None.

Yesterday's word of the day: Lame.
Today's word of the day: Lame.
Tomorrows word of the day: Lame.
Quote of the entry: "I am never eating fast food again."
Thought of the entry: *UGH.*
Personal thought of the entry: See line above.
Personal quote of the entry: "I'd like a Jumbo Jack with a small coke, please."
Today's reenforced concept: People are stupid.
Today's self-reflections: I hate people.

Sleep? Off I go.
Posted by Chelsea @ 08:36, March 04, 2005
Yeah, I am extreme, I am a stupid American, as much as I wish I wasn't. I have a fat ass, I'm a fatty, I went to effing Denny's this morning, and you know what? It was good.

Posted by Chris @ 10:13, March 04, 2005
nice job ordering the jumbo jack after watching the fat people movie :/

Posted by Marco @ 11:22, March 04, 2005
It was symbolic.

Posted by Simon @ 00:23, March 06, 2005
Denny's is something i wouldn't put in the same boat as fast food for some reason, but i do all kinds of stupid shit.

Posted by marwin+ @ 10:20, March 06, 2005
Marco, you have two trucks on a two line freeway next to each other. That's even more fun. Average speed: 80 km/h fun eh?