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Published Tuesday May 30th, 2006

Ya know what’s a surprisingly good TV show? Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, on the Travel Channel. The host, Anthony Bourdain, has a level of sarcasm that is excellent. The show goes around various countries where Anthony, a Chef and journalist, eats and explores various cultures. It’s rather well done, and its awesome because he avoids all the clichéd touristy spots which so many other shows on the Travel Channel seem to document, and he mocks those shows regularly, which is fantastic because they are certainly mock-worthy.

This entry has been getting a ridiculous amount of hits lately, even more so than usual. I always worry that my spider/spam filter on my hits counter is broken, but when I look at the logs, every hit is legit. Almost 500 visits to this site today, almost all of them to this entry. People and their searches for “acne” geesh. Most of the other hits were to one of the many RSS feeds on this site.

Lounging around while blasting music.
I added some more RSS feeds to this site. They’re all related to the images in Foga. The three new feeds include: Recently added images feed, Most viewed images feed, and the random image feed which just contains one item, but is random each time said feed is loaded. Thought I’d mention them.. just in case.. ya know?

It’s been a fairly decent three day weekend. Friday evening Chelsea and I watched more than 10 episodes of Gilgamesh (Anime series). We finished the entire series. It was a pretty good one; actually, I really liked it. The ending was.. well.. very Anime-like, but in a good way. The completion of the watching of the series inspired me to find related soundtracks which were difficult to find and still remain out of my grasp. I did, however manage to.. uhm.. acquire lots of other very very very good stuff.
The ocean and stuff on Monday.
Most if not all of it classical, or classical-esque. For example, Mozarts Requiem Mass. Mmmm. That’s orgasmic stuff right there. Both Saturday and Sunday contained a whole lot of listening to music. It was awesome and thoroughly enjoyable.

Saturday in the later afternoon, I also went and taught (continued to teach, specifically) how to drive a manual car. That’s always fun for me. Good laughs, plus its good quality time with Andrea!

I'm clearly sinking.
Sunday evening I saw Xmen 3 with Matt and Chelsea. I have no particular opinions about X Men. I’m no particular fan, nor am I not a fan. I’m impartial to the series. I did have two things that bothered me about the movie: How the fuck, or Who the fuck decided that Alcatraz was the safest place in the whole of the United States.. And then.. What was the deal with the water cooler water jug that had air bubbles bubbling into the water jug.. Uhm.. What!? Most of the action is so far fetched, I’m okay with it.. But.. air bubbling into a water jug? How is that even possible? Shouldn’t the jug like.. explode or burst, or something!? Gaaahhhhhh!!! Oh well.

Today.. or .. Yesterday seeing as it is now already Tuesday.. After a healthy and lengthy slumber, Matt and I met up and we went for a short drive down the PCH and stopped to enjoy the ocean for a bit. Wow.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people. Point Mugu is a crappy beach, people.. There are better beaches to go to.. Oh well.. We drove by the massive crowd and went to another area further down closer to Malibu.

Preparing our food.
Later in the day we met up with Chelsea and we went shopping at Vons. Vegetables and some meat which we then cooked on Matt’s barbecue. T’was a good dinner. Definitely better than the fast food I was in fear of having to eat.

That was my weekend. There was also an unusually increased amount of online chatting time spent with Chris this weekend, but that’s always welcomed. We’re blogging buddies, after all.

Seeing as to how it is already late and that I have work in the morning, I do believe I shall end this entry short. Ta da!

More mobile-photos from this weekend are available here.
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Nice Photos

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