Chuck Norris internet safety
Published Saturday May 5th, 2007 via a mobile phone.

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Chuck Norris will protect your kids on myspace!
Posted by Damon @ 10:32, May 06, 2007
If George Foreman can grill my burger, Chuck Norris can protect my kids (I don't have any kids) ...Burgers are tasty!!!

Posted by Chris @ 12:25, May 06, 2007
Is Chuck's quote: " Not in Our Homes, Not With Our Kids" ? What market does this target??

Posted by Marco @ 14:00, May 06, 2007
A better question: What the hell does this software do, exactly? How does software detect an "Internet predator"? ... and.. did Chuck really say what's quoted? lol..

Posted by Jesssssi @ 18:20, May 06, 2007
very cute ;)

Posted by Brian @ 11:45, May 07, 2007 I am a NIFOC BDG!!!!111!!!1!!