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Welcome to Scriptomics.

Scriptomics is a privately owned bioinformatics company specializing in consulting and customization of software for research applications in biotech and pharma companies. Services include algorithm development, structure prediction for proteins, database construction for genomics or proteomics data, custom annotations and analysis pipeline development.

Off the shelve public or commercial bioinformatics software tools frequently only deliver partial solutions to the research problems being addressed. Scriptomics implements the missing pieces to build a customized solution according to the specfications of the client.


  • 3d structure models on demand, oligomers
  • structure models of interactions (e.g. antibodies/antigens, receptor/ligands)
  • construct prediction: 3d models to predict domains -> cutting sites to make more soluble or more stable constructs
  • stabilizing mutations
  • customized analysis pipelines, using public domain or commercial software
  • customized prediction pipelines, using public domain or commercial software