Photo Entry: Early Spring in Tokyo
Published Thursday March 26th, 2009 from Temple University, Japan Campus, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Listening to's Premium Electro House Channel, feeling almost satisfied.

I've been a bit silent again here. D'oh! Tokyo has been keeping me busy, but treating me well overall. Here are a collection of photos from some recent trips.

Sunday afternoon in Ueno park.

Ueno, and Ueno park are just a few stations north of Tokyo station on the JR Yamanote Line. Here are a few photos I took on a Sunday afternoon as I walked around, had few beers, and just enjoyed being outside in some good weather.

IMG_0625.JPG: 1110 views

A view down one of the main streets in Ueno and a subway entrance/exit. Down the road about 15 minutes walk is Akihabara and eventually downtown Tokyo.

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Blooming flowers on some trees in Ueno park. I can't wait until the Sakura trees here bloom!

IMG_0644.JPG: 1070 views

View down one of the paths within Ueno park. The previous photo was taken by one of those blooming trees on the right.

IMG_0653.JPG: 904 views

The JR Kehin-Tohoku line

IMG_0660.JPG: 1139 views

View of Ueno from above the Ueno JR station. The above photo was taken from the same spot, pointed more down.

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One of the lakes in Ueno park. I wouldn't want to swim in it.

IMG_0691.JPG: 900 views

View down the platform in Tamachi station. Tamachi is my destination station on my way to school from Ontakesan Dorm. N700 series Shinkansen passing by in the distance.

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A JR Kehin-Tohoku line train in Tamachi station, my ride Kamata, my transfer station on my way to TUJs Ontakesan Dorm.

IMG_0706.JPG: 1119 views

View down the Tokyu-Ikegami and Tamagawa line tracks from the end station in Kamata. I take the Ikegami lines from here down the right to TUJs Ontakesan Dorm in Ontakesan.

Day trip to Mt. Takao

A week ago we had an undergraduate holiday on a Thursday. The weather was good, so my friend Sacha and I decided to go on a hike. We left at around 09:00 and spent around 90 minutes getting to Takaosan-guchi station at the base of Mt. Takao. Although Mt. Takao is technically still within the Tokyo area, it felt good being out all day, outside of the concrete jungle that is central Tokyo!

IMG_0708.JPG: 1060 views

In Takaosan-guchi. Am I in Switzerland.. or Tokyo..?

IMG_0717.JPG: 1039 views

The view from somewhere on Mt. Takao of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. Downtown Tokyo is on the right of the photo.

IMG_0729.JPG: 971 views

The view from the top of Mt. Takao. If it were clearer, Mt. Fuji would be smack dab in the middle.

IMG_0741.JPG: 878 views

Some temple on Mt. Takao.

IMG_0743.JPG: 969 views

Some mountain god.

IMG_0747.JPG: 720 views

Where the monks live...?

IMG_0762.JPG: 1026 views

The rope around the tree keeps the daemons tied up and contained inside the tree, or so I'm told.

IMG_0779.JPG: 986 views

One the way back towards Takaosan-guchi.

IMG_0778.JPG: 975 views

One the way back towards Takaosan-guchi.

IMG_0783.JPG: 989 views

One the way back towards Takaosan-guchi.

IMG_0787.JPG: 967 views

Down the platform at Takaosan-guchi station, an end station on the Keio Takao line.

IMG_0791.JPG: 984 views

View of Takao from the Keio Takao line heading back towards central Tokyo.

Posted by Shannon @ 12:26, March 28, 2009
Terrific pics! Thanks for sharing. :)