A list of all the blog postings.
Photos: Global Lives Project - KazakhstanTuesday October 20th, 2009
Raw Footage: Stream in Kosuge-mura, Yamanashi, JapanTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: Tokyo from Shirokanedai in Minato-ku, TokyoTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: Sumo Championship, Ryogoku, TokyoTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: Skiing in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture, JapanTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: From a chair lift in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture, JapanTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: From a Shinkansen arriving in NaganoTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: From a Shinkansen somewhere in Nagano PrefectureTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: Going fast on a Shinkansen somewhere near the border of Nagano PrefectureTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: Going fast on a Shinkansen somewhere in SaitamaTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: From a Shinkansen between Ueno, Tokyo and Omiya, SaitamaTuesday July 14th, 2009
Raw Footage: From a Shinkansen between Tokyo and UenoTuesday July 14th, 2009
WhistleMonday June 29th, 2009
My produce in action: How to Create an Online Course CatalogFriday May 22nd, 2009
Photo Entry: Early Spring in TokyoThursday March 26th, 2009
A From-The-Train ObservationFriday February 27th, 2009
Left or RightWednesday February 25th, 2009
I Fail at Blogging, LatelyTuesday February 24th, 2009
Funding Approved! - CARAS Project: Virtual Platform for Experimentation with New Avenues of Electronic Music DistributionTuesday March 10th, 2009
The Tokyo Chapter BeginsMonday January 19th, 2009
Pre-Bed RantTuesday November 11th, 2008
Oh noes!Thursday October 2nd, 2008
I'm moving ...Sunday November 30th, 2008
Hey! I'm okay.Sunday August 3rd, 2008
to new york city i goFriday July 18th, 2008
back to California.. But for how long?Monday July 14th, 2008
The Yearly InterventionFriday July 4th, 2008
laptop in Germany.Thursday June 26th, 2008
leaving for EuropeThursday June 26th, 2008
Screenplay: The MirrorSunday May 18th, 2008
ClichéSunday May 18th, 2008
LodiffusticSunday May 18th, 2008
Maté OoopsTuesday April 8th, 2008
My tea obsessionThursday March 27th, 2008
INTPFriday March 7th, 2008
RunningWednesday February 20th, 2008
sine qua nonSunday May 18th, 2008
DiamantéSunday January 27th, 2008
A Lomography PhotoThursday January 17th, 2008
Yearly incrementation of age right on timeMonday January 14th, 2008
Of CorporationsThursday January 3rd, 2008
To San Francisco from DavisFriday December 28th, 2007
Of Imaginary ThingsFriday December 14th, 2007
Soeki Diowku IwosWednesday December 12th, 2007
MirrorSaturday November 24th, 2007
a trip to chicagoFriday November 9th, 2007
ln -sFriday October 26th, 2007
A Brief Glimpse From A Single Perspective Through The Current Inevitable Progression Of TimeSunday October 7th, 2007
I spun around in a twirlTuesday September 18th, 2007
Dream MemoryTuesday September 11th, 2007
Bedroom DoorSaturday September 1st, 2007
Oh How I SlackSunday August 26th, 2007
MuteMonday August 20th, 2007
UntitledTuesday August 7th, 2007
back :-(Thursday August 2nd, 2007
vacation comes to an unwanted end.Thursday August 2nd, 2007
big benWednesday August 1st, 2007
london bridgeTuesday July 31st, 2007
tower bridgeTuesday July 31st, 2007
stonehengeMonday July 30th, 2007
HarpySunday July 29th, 2007
The British MuseumSunday July 29th, 2007
London, England.Friday July 27th, 2007
the mona lisa is not prettyThursday July 26th, 2007
Arc de Triomphe at sunset.Wednesday July 25th, 2007
i'm in parisWednesday July 25th, 2007
off to Paris I go!Tuesday July 24th, 2007
Themed Though Individual ParagraphsSunday July 22nd, 2007
vLog #1 - From SwitzerlandSaturday July 14th, 2007
Of to Switzerland I go!Wednesday July 11th, 2007
The Meter of My WordsSaturday July 7th, 2007
Earl Grey TeaTuesday June 26th, 2007
"The Total Perspective Vortex" via DamnInterestingMonday June 18th, 2007
Marco and Brian - 2x4 Session 2007-06-09Saturday June 9th, 2007
Beats and Waves Will Take Me To My GraveSaturday June 9th, 2007
Trippin' Puritans Sunday June 3rd, 2007
Would my secrets surprise you?Monday May 28th, 2007
data centerTuesday May 22nd, 2007
2 by 4Sunday May 20th, 2007
Be by my side, and take my hand.Sunday May 20th, 2007
poolSaturday May 19th, 2007
My First Upload to YouTubeThursday May 17th, 2007
Whiteboard Art at WorkTuesday May 15th, 2007
The Reality is That Reality is RealWednesday May 16th, 2007
The Media and its AudienceSaturday May 12th, 2007
Chuck Norris internet safetySaturday May 5th, 2007
two in a rowTuesday May 1st, 2007
Sessions with Nungana - April 30thMonday April 30th, 2007
Moving and Shifting and StillTuesday April 24th, 2007
Funny How That IsMonday April 16th, 2007
Sessions with Project Amaria - April 12thThursday April 12th, 2007
Phone-to-Blog FixedWednesday April 4th, 2007
A 4 Day Weekend in the BayFriday April 6th, 2007
Silly SillyTuesday April 3rd, 2007
In My EarThursday March 29th, 2007
LaughingTuesday March 27th, 2007
An Entry By HandMonday March 19th, 2007
Observing The ButterflyThursday March 15th, 2007
BlanksMonday March 12th, 2007
No Particular TitlingSunday March 11th, 2007
A Pattern I Might LikeThursday March 8th, 2007
Birds.Fled.From.Me. - "Falling Down" Music videoSunday March 4th, 2007
What am I doing?Saturday March 3rd, 2007
OmniUpdate User Conference 2007Saturday March 3rd, 2007
Familiar ObscurityTuesday February 20th, 2007
Mammoth TripMonday February 19th, 2007
And AgainSunday February 11th, 2007
Video & Pictures of the New Office at WorkSaturday February 10th, 2007
Sessions with Nungana - February 4thSunday February 4th, 2007
Yellow BalloonFriday February 2nd, 2007
MehWednesday January 31st, 2007
My Blog Speaks To MeTuesday January 30th, 2007
A Long NightSunday January 28th, 2007
One of These Emo PostingsThursday January 25th, 2007
Sessions with Project Amaria - January 20thMonday January 22nd, 2007
Sessions with Project Amaria - January 19thSaturday January 20th, 2007
A BriefSaturday January 20th, 2007
I Turn Twenty-OneSunday January 14th, 2007
We Grew Close, We'll Grow ApartSaturday January 13th, 2007
Unknow Familiar FacesFriday January 12th, 2007
Sessions with Project Amaria - January 10thWednesday January 10th, 2007
The 600th EntryMonday January 8th, 2007
New Years Rolled ByThursday January 4th, 2007
Sessions with Project Amaria - December 28thFriday December 29th, 2006
The Wii Made Me SoreThursday December 28th, 2006
PistachiosMonday December 25th, 2006
Check out Andy McKeeSunday December 24th, 2006
Multiple IntelligencesMonday December 18th, 2006
Another Sunday NightMonday December 18th, 2006
Database Tables OverhaulSunday December 17th, 2006
A Poor Quality EntryWednesday December 13th, 2006
Just To Write RambleMonday December 11th, 2006
"Ertiid" Duo (2 New Prints!)Wednesday December 6th, 2006
We'll Be The Same TomorrowMonday December 4th, 2006
If I don't remember the apples, I will have this.Monday November 27th, 2006
An incomplete sleepy mess I shall call an entrySunday November 19th, 2006
Falling FlightMonday November 13th, 2006
Of Flashbacks and DesiresWednesday November 8th, 2006
I Need To Feel LovedSunday November 5th, 2006
Another weekend rolled by.Wednesday November 1st, 2006
I Ramble Like I've Rambled BeforeSaturday October 21st, 2006
Through the Window I seeMonday October 16th, 2006
Our Hopes And ExpectationsWednesday October 4th, 2006
When the curtain has fallenThursday September 28th, 2006
inland invasionSaturday September 23rd, 2006
Sarcastic Fantastic!Friday September 22nd, 2006
Week 37Monday September 18th, 2006
It swings and it sways until you make it your own.Saturday September 9th, 2006
a later lunch hour a better lunch hourWednesday September 6th, 2006
Another week of weeks in another year of years.Friday September 1st, 2006
I just spent $200 on my car-..VinylWednesday August 23rd, 2006
A Surprisingly Good WeekendMonday August 21st, 2006
Re-AdjustingMonday August 14th, 2006
in laxSaturday August 12th, 2006
adieu switzerlandSaturday August 12th, 2006
from zurich aeroportSaturday August 12th, 2006
Goodbye yet again, my dear SwitzerlandFriday August 11th, 2006
a small excursionFriday August 11th, 2006
a get togetherWednesday August 9th, 2006
Weblog SearchabilityMonday August 7th, 2006
$_CLEVERTITLE[$i];Sunday August 6th, 2006
AliensSaturday August 5th, 2006
One week remainsFriday August 4th, 2006
93Thursday August 3rd, 2006
bern!Wednesday August 2nd, 2006
Two new Prints!Tuesday August 1st, 2006
days of relaxationMonday July 31st, 2006
A ReviewFriday July 28th, 2006
daniela!Friday July 28th, 2006
rest of family arrivesFriday July 28th, 2006
interlaken waitThursday July 27th, 2006
dääääh!Thursday July 27th, 2006
and we decendThursday July 27th, 2006
the topThursday July 27th, 2006
hyper crazyThursday July 27th, 2006
tee hee!Thursday July 27th, 2006
derp!Thursday July 27th, 2006
entry from a gondolaThursday July 27th, 2006
we accendThursday July 27th, 2006
up into the alps we goThursday July 27th, 2006
no trains.. JkWednesday July 26th, 2006
trains... Yes!Wednesday July 26th, 2006
back in bern.Wednesday July 26th, 2006
in genevaWednesday July 26th, 2006
lausanne!Wednesday July 26th, 2006
to genevaWednesday July 26th, 2006
Version 5!Thursday July 27th, 2006
lunch with RetoTuesday July 25th, 2006
yumi yumiMonday July 24th, 2006
AJAX SprayMonday July 24th, 2006
while sitting on a bench..Sunday July 23rd, 2006
Party Party PartySaturday July 22nd, 2006
now its cold!Saturday July 22nd, 2006
its humidSaturday July 22nd, 2006
from the train station in luzernSaturday July 22nd, 2006
to luzernSaturday July 22nd, 2006
good times at a partyFriday July 21st, 2006
trains are coolThursday July 20th, 2006
high to low..erThursday July 20th, 2006
receptionThursday July 20th, 2006
wednesday at the farmWednesday July 19th, 2006
emmeWednesday July 19th, 2006
money in exchange for cdsTuesday July 18th, 2006
Brief UpdateMonday July 17th, 2006
half the showers requiredMonday July 17th, 2006
concerning cowsSaturday July 15th, 2006
arrival in switzerland!Friday July 14th, 2006
from londonFriday July 14th, 2006
Soon.. I leave!Wednesday July 12th, 2006
There went June.Monday July 3rd, 2006
Here comes July.Wednesday June 28th, 2006
Manhole LidMonday June 19th, 2006
Marco Rambles PointlesslyThursday June 8th, 2006
False && != TrueSaturday June 3rd, 2006
Lacrima is a cool word.Tuesday May 30th, 2006
From my shower to my blog!Monday May 29th, 2006
I'm not peeing in this one.Thursday May 25th, 2006
From my Bathroom to my Blog.Tuesday May 23rd, 2006
A mobile entry test!Sunday May 21st, 2006
Three New Photographs!Sunday May 21st, 2006
OU OnePage Formally Announced!Wednesday May 17th, 2006
Fun times in San Diego (500th!)Tuesday May 16th, 2006
Blind men pee, too.Thursday May 11th, 2006
I'd Be a Better God Than GodWednesday May 10th, 2006
Mod and FraudSunday May 7th, 2006
One more for AprilSunday April 30th, 2006
Itching a ScratchTuesday April 25th, 2006
Luethy.net moves to ServerBeachSunday April 23rd, 2006
Mid-April entry or somethingSunday April 16th, 2006
StuffSunday April 2nd, 2006
It's an entrySaturday March 18th, 2006
One more for FebruaryTuesday February 28th, 2006
Tippie TypeWednesday February 15th, 2006
A Sortof-ClubSunday February 5th, 2006
Denon DN-X1500Sunday January 29th, 2006
Nonsensical RamblingsSunday January 22nd, 2006
I'm 20.Saturday January 14th, 2006
"my favourite, Butter Tarts"Wednesday January 11th, 2006
This one is UntitledFriday January 6th, 2006
I want to get off! (the ride)Tuesday January 3rd, 2006
Spent 15 minutes on this titleSaturday December 24th, 2005
RSS Syndication in 30 minThursday December 15th, 2005
Toka toka!Thursday December 15th, 2005
Snapple says, "Fish cough."Tuesday December 13th, 2005
A Character Conversion ScriptSaturday December 10th, 2005
A Friday EntryFriday December 9th, 2005
Major load-time improvements!Tuesday December 6th, 2005
Diligent BloggerTuesday December 6th, 2005
November 2005 @ deviantart.comSunday December 4th, 2005
Two years of purple-blue end.Sunday December 4th, 2005
New Prints!Sunday December 4th, 2005
It's DecemberSaturday December 3rd, 2005
Turntables!Saturday December 3rd, 2005
Website Updates; v4.12-as1.0.2Sunday November 13th, 2005
Thingumajigs I wish to shareSunday November 13th, 2005
One of those entries..Monday November 7th, 2005
A no-work weekendSunday October 16th, 2005
A very short entrySunday October 9th, 2005
Foga v1.0Saturday October 1st, 2005
Winds from the west, please.Thursday September 29th, 2005
Ramblings of EmotionsSunday September 25th, 2005
Thunderstorm!Tuesday September 20th, 2005
Indeed.Monday September 19th, 2005
An Article from BBC NewsSunday September 4th, 2005
"Sukoshi" is fun to saySunday September 4th, 2005
To New Mexico and backMonday August 8th, 2005
UntitledWednesday August 3rd, 2005
Why is it so hot?Friday July 22nd, 2005
TimeFriday July 15th, 2005
MehThursday July 7th, 2005
hmph.Wednesday July 6th, 2005
Guest Editorial: ChrisMonday June 20th, 2005
AJAX and TrackbackSaturday June 11th, 2005
The Mobile PerspectiveMonday May 30th, 2005
Midnight ShowingThursday May 19th, 2005
BlahWednesday May 18th, 2005
Visual StimulusThursday May 12th, 2005
444th weblog entry: A good weekend.Monday May 2nd, 2005
Melding MonotonyWednesday April 27th, 2005
2nd session at Brooks ends!Saturday April 23rd, 2005
Woke up to a URLSunday April 17th, 2005
Monkey EgoWednesday April 13th, 2005
<blah>Blah</blah>Friday April 8th, 2005
Card readers are complicated!Monday April 4th, 2005
Something.. Something.Sunday March 27th, 2005
metal sliding on metalWednesday March 23rd, 2005
Where are all the Models?Tuesday March 22nd, 2005
Only IDIOTS do this.Tuesday March 22nd, 2005
Stupid Pointless Survey AnswerMonday March 21st, 2005
Circa AutomagicallySunday March 20th, 2005
la DE DE do.Sunday March 20th, 2005
A car, A train, A helicopterSaturday March 12th, 2005
BlarghWednesday March 9th, 2005
"EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"Monday March 7th, 2005
Caterpillars are cool.Saturday March 5th, 2005
Stoooooopid Society.Friday March 4th, 2005
Memgem's and other random crapFriday March 4th, 2005
New server. Another entry.Wednesday March 2nd, 2005
FLCL is awesome.Sunday February 27th, 2005
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice.Saturday February 26th, 2005
Order of large onion rings.Wednesday February 23rd, 2005
I heard Mango's grow in KenySunday February 20th, 2005
Dark room all up in my grillSaturday February 19th, 2005
Slater is my idol.Thursday February 17th, 2005
Books from 1824 smell like assSunday February 13th, 2005
Street lights flickerSaturday February 12th, 2005
How's your joystick, Jesse?Friday February 11th, 2005
You almost kneed yourself.Monday February 7th, 2005
Some picturesMonday February 7th, 2005
Moudi SeulSunday February 6th, 2005
6 * 36 (Tri-X 400) = 216Sunday January 30th, 2005
A random comment.Wednesday January 19th, 2005
For all La Conchita lookersMonday January 17th, 2005
Woouubloooshh!Sunday January 16th, 2005
I am 19.Friday January 14th, 2005
My Obligatory New Years EntrySaturday January 1st, 2005
End of 2004Friday December 31st, 2004
Arrived in CaliforniaThursday December 23rd, 2004
Adieu meine liebe SchweizSunday December 19th, 2004
Today is the last daySaturday December 18th, 2004
2 daysFriday December 17th, 2004
400th entry and 3 days leftThursday December 16th, 2004
4 days left and a crashWednesday December 15th, 2004
Five is too littleTuesday December 14th, 2004
It nears dailySaturday December 11th, 2004
Event horizon nearsThursday December 9th, 2004
11 days left in safetyWednesday December 8th, 2004
2004 - 1924 = 80 yearsMonday December 6th, 2004
More time added to the pastSunday December 5th, 2004
Prints from Germany and GreeceWednesday December 1st, 2004
20 days to rant in safetyTuesday November 30th, 2004
Site Update: More changesSunday November 28th, 2004
Days in November passTuesday November 23rd, 2004
The week and a half after returningThursday November 18th, 2004
Index: October: Month of TravelThursday November 18th, 2004
Index: GreeceThursday November 18th, 2004
The conclusion to Greece tripThursday November 18th, 2004
Paros-Piraeus, Athens. A reviewThursday November 18th, 2004
Glimpse of commercial space travel?Thursday November 18th, 2004
Santorini (Part 2)Thursday November 18th, 2004
Santorini (Part 1)Thursday November 18th, 2004
Mykonos-SantoriniThursday November 18th, 2004
Delphi-Kalampaka-Athens- MykonosThursday November 18th, 2004
Olympia-Patra-DelphiThursday November 18th, 2004
Athens-Nafplio, Nafplio-OlympiaThursday November 18th, 2004
A 2nd day around the AcropolisThursday November 18th, 2004
A day around the AcropolisThursday November 18th, 2004
E95 into Athens.Thursday November 18th, 2004
Index: GermanyThursday November 18th, 2004
Journey back to SwitzerlandThursday November 18th, 2004
Westerland, Sylt-CuxhavenThursday November 18th, 2004
Hamburg-RThursday November 18th, 2004
WarnemThursday November 18th, 2004
"Arbeit macht frei"Thursday November 18th, 2004
WThursday November 18th, 2004
Trip to Germany begins!Thursday November 18th, 2004
Greece trip ends.Wednesday November 3rd, 2004
Off to Greece!Friday October 15th, 2004
Begin month of travel: Off to Germany!Friday October 1st, 2004
Downtime inbetween France and GermanyFriday October 1st, 2004
Photolog entry: La Grande MotteMonday September 27th, 2004
Kolega: Viva la Moudi, ricardo-style!Monday September 27th, 2004
Indecent Exposure SocietyMonday September 27th, 2004
Infrequent but a lotMonday September 27th, 2004
Distant though physically closeMonday September 27th, 2004
Not so land-locked anymore!Monday September 27th, 2004
Off to La Grande MotteFriday September 17th, 2004
Visual CuesFriday September 17th, 2004
This is not a creative title.Monday September 13th, 2004
Black, White, Green, Orange..Friday September 10th, 2004
Evening of musings.Sunday September 5th, 2004
A week in August and SeptemberSunday September 5th, 2004
Rain and Visual StimuliFriday September 3rd, 2004
Things to fall into placeFriday September 3rd, 2004
Two part series with 4 photos!Tuesday August 31st, 2004
A brief relaxation period.Thursday August 19th, 2004
"The World is waiting at my door."Thursday August 19th, 2004
"Now what?"Thursday August 19th, 2004
Slower actionThursday August 19th, 2004
The 1, 2 day-day.Thursday August 19th, 2004
A mountain division.Thursday August 19th, 2004
Tobagan LougeThursday August 19th, 2004
To Geneva and back.Thursday August 19th, 2004
To the Matterhorn and back.Thursday August 19th, 2004
August 1stThursday August 19th, 2004
Fireworks are fun.Thursday August 19th, 2004
Further vicarious livings.Thursday August 19th, 2004
Mass TransitThursday August 19th, 2004
Fun with CHF 18.50.Thursday August 19th, 2004
A Monday and TuesdayThursday August 19th, 2004
The Wear and Tear.Thursday August 19th, 2004
Mike, Marwin, and Kate appear.Saturday July 24th, 2004
The passage of time.Saturday July 24th, 2004
The arrival of friends.Saturday July 24th, 2004
Der Schwartzsee war enttäuschend.Saturday July 24th, 2004
Up to Sonnegga and back down.Saturday July 24th, 2004
Day one of Family Zermat Trip.Saturday July 24th, 2004
A weekend goes by.Saturday July 24th, 2004
My parents arrive.Saturday July 10th, 2004
A drive in a rainy downpour.Saturday July 10th, 2004
Much rambling.Saturday July 10th, 2004
Thunderstorms are fun.Saturday July 10th, 2004
Slow, but comfortable.Saturday July 10th, 2004
Lucerne and Pit PatFriday July 2nd, 2004
Day's Pass ByFriday July 2nd, 2004
Jet Lagged LoungingFriday July 2nd, 2004
Entry 1 from SwitzerlandFriday July 2nd, 2004
Bye U.S.A.Thursday June 24th, 2004
Graduated from High SchoolSaturday June 19th, 2004
The One Week CountdownThursday June 17th, 2004
Goobelie Boobelie GoopMonday June 14th, 2004
Fourteen Days; Two weeksThursday June 10th, 2004
So soon, so far.Monday June 7th, 2004
Persons Photographed! Friday June 4th, 2004
T-18/24 Days To Life ChangeTuesday June 1st, 2004
"For we digress"Friday May 28th, 2004
Prom WeekendMonday May 24th, 2004
50+1 CD Changer! PLUS!Friday May 21st, 2004
Social MetamorphosisSunday May 16th, 2004
A Thursday JottingThursday May 13th, 2004
10 hours of PHPMonday May 10th, 2004
Bunker, Castle.. Canon?Sunday May 9th, 2004
"Everybody Cut Loose!"Saturday May 8th, 2004
A Mid-week EntryWednesday May 5th, 2004
20Monday May 3rd, 2004
Length Degredation LoomingFriday April 30th, 2004
Frequency lacks IntricacyWednesday April 28th, 2004
Chicken Sandwich DitcherTuesday April 27th, 2004
114Sunday April 25th, 2004
A sign and a Cat Nap.Thursday April 22nd, 2004
A quick update.Thursday April 22nd, 2004
Euphoric Mists of an End.Sunday April 18th, 2004
The locale of nite victuals.Thursday April 15th, 2004
Apparently nipples are evil.Wednesday April 14th, 2004
Equal balance here n' there.Tuesday April 13th, 2004
Overlooking ImplicationsMonday April 12th, 2004
THUMP and Alfred BrendelWednesday April 7th, 2004
Feet of Butter.Monday April 5th, 2004
Lips with which to whistle.Wednesday March 31st, 2004
You ... sure it's really me?Monday March 29th, 2004
"... where the pampers is?"Sunday March 28th, 2004
Can you ping me now? No..Thursday March 25th, 2004
A stack of 5, and then some.Sunday March 21st, 2004
Drainage pipe exploration!Monday March 15th, 2004
I pave my own scenic road.Friday March 12th, 2004
Some drool from school.Wednesday March 10th, 2004
Just for the hell of it.Monday March 8th, 2004
Twice was Denny's visited.Monday March 8th, 2004
whiskey tango foxtrot?Friday March 5th, 2004
Je veux l'Thursday March 4th, 2004
And Here comes MarchSunday February 29th, 2004
Big Bear trip was fun!Monday February 23rd, 2004
Big Bear!Sunday February 22nd, 2004
... and the days drag on ...Monday February 16th, 2004
Another week in FebruaryMonday February 9th, 2004
"testosterone heaven"Sunday February 1st, 2004
And a-postin' we go...Sunday January 25th, 2004
Perpetual postingMonday January 19th, 2004
A 3 day weekendSunday January 18th, 2004
Day of 18Wednesday January 14th, 2004
I am 18!Wednesday January 14th, 2004
Week of BirthdaySunday January 11th, 2004
1st post '04: school sucks.Sunday January 4th, 2004
Goodbye 2003. Hello 2004!Wednesday December 31st, 2003
happy nondenominational greetiThursday December 25th, 2003
Ah! Yes! VACATION! WOO!Saturday December 20th, 2003
Political OrientationMonday December 15th, 2003
Countdown: 2 weeks to vacationMonday December 8th, 2003
Long time since last entry!Monday December 1st, 2003
A full week? bwah!Sunday November 16th, 2003
Lovely 4 day weekend over. =(Wednesday November 12th, 2003
A Saturday Morning PostSaturday November 8th, 2003
And... whaddya know...Sunday November 2nd, 2003
Smokes SausageMonday October 27th, 2003
a week goes by yet againMonday October 20th, 2003
another update to my blogTuesday October 14th, 2003
And another week passesMonday October 6th, 2003
A new week to drag byMonday September 29th, 2003
How about a posting?Monday September 22nd, 2003
WEEKEND! w00t!Saturday September 13th, 2003
4 down, 1 more.Thursday September 11th, 2003
3 days down, 2 to go.Wednesday September 10th, 2003
2 down, 3 to go.Tuesday September 9th, 2003
1 down, 4 to go. UGH.Monday September 8th, 2003
Weekend is over, back to hell.Sunday September 7th, 2003
Almost weekend!Thursday September 4th, 2003
Day 1 of Hell, er.. schoolWednesday September 3rd, 2003
Back to hell, er i mean schoolTuesday September 2nd, 2003
Vacation since my return...Wednesday August 13th, 2003
Home again.. Wednesday July 30th, 2003
Off to SwtzerlandThursday July 10th, 2003
Back from Hawai'iThursday July 3rd, 2003
Vacationing in HawaiiTuesday June 17th, 2003
First summer weekend overMonday June 16th, 2003
Summer Vacation Begins!Saturday June 14th, 2003
T-1 Day to freedomThursday June 12th, 2003
T-2 Days to freedomWednesday June 11th, 2003
T-3 DaysTuesday June 10th, 2003
T-5 Days to freedomMonday June 9th, 2003
Psychotic IRC rantThursday June 5th, 2003
T-6 DaysThursday June 5th, 2003
T-13 days to freedomMonday June 2nd, 2003
Weekend, over again.Monday May 26th, 2003
3 day weekendSunday May 25th, 2003
Almost weekend, againThursday May 22nd, 2003
Midway through the weekWednesday May 21st, 2003
EOWeekendMonday May 19th, 2003
Hello SundaySunday May 18th, 2003
Early Saturday MorningSaturday May 17th, 2003
Matrix Reloaded!Thursday May 15th, 2003
A Wednesday in MayWednesday May 14th, 2003
A Tuesday postingTuesday May 13th, 2003
A May Monday PostingMonday May 12th, 2003
New Layout!Monday May 12th, 2003
Quick weekendSunday May 4th, 2003
Weekend in VegasFriday May 2nd, 2003
A week has passed.Sunday April 27th, 2003
Aww, bye bye spring breakSunday April 20th, 2003
Spring Break!Monday April 14th, 2003
2 Days to Spring Break!Wednesday April 9th, 2003
Spring break in 5 days!Monday April 7th, 2003
The freedom in darks eyeTuesday April 1st, 2003
Another week comes..Monday March 31st, 2003
WeekendSunday March 30th, 2003
La de doWednesday March 26th, 2003
AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH + /me sighsSunday March 23rd, 2003
another weekendSaturday March 22nd, 2003
Might is right, or so it seemsFriday March 21st, 2003
oh bushie 'n sodamy. play niceThursday March 20th, 2003
PoliticsTuesday March 18th, 2003
DUNE!!! Sunday March 16th, 2003
Almost... almost..Thursday March 13th, 2003
And here we go again..Monday March 10th, 2003
TheBoredom+ProcrastinatioInMeThursday March 6th, 2003
"White Chocolate" An IRC ConvoWednesday March 5th, 2003
Yippedy Dippely EeeuuoooSunday March 2nd, 2003
Almost Weekend, I say!Thursday February 27th, 2003
Early Sunday morning it is..Sunday February 23rd, 2003
Thursday: Ive almost made it.Thursday February 20th, 2003
Another week. ARGHMonday February 17th, 2003
Laa dee dooSunday February 16th, 2003
Geek/looser levels increase!Wednesday February 12th, 2003
Monday: Ugh. School, no!Monday February 10th, 2003
Sunday: i get monday off!Sunday February 9th, 2003
Saturday early morning: WOOT!Saturday February 8th, 2003
Thursday: Oh how close we are!Thursday February 6th, 2003
Wednesday: half way there!Wednesday February 5th, 2003
Tuesday: closer to fridayTuesday February 4th, 2003
mondays: so far from fridays.Monday February 3rd, 2003
And, the weekend has passedMonday February 3rd, 2003
FInaly weekendSaturday February 1st, 2003
its tuesday... 3 more daysTuesday January 28th, 2003
Oh no! NOT MORE SCHOOL!Monday January 27th, 2003
Hum de dumSaturday January 25th, 2003
1 more day.Wednesday January 22nd, 2003
Final week oh shit.Monday January 20th, 2003
Weekend!Saturday January 18th, 2003
heh, jan 14th.. whaddya know..Tuesday January 14th, 2003
Sunday eveningSunday January 12th, 2003
La de do.Sunday January 12th, 2003
2 more days before weekendWednesday January 8th, 2003
heh...hrm.. heh..hrm..hm...mhmTuesday January 7th, 2003
as predicted: horrid.Monday January 6th, 2003
Winter break comes to an end.Sunday January 5th, 2003
Save me from the inevitable!Sunday January 5th, 2003
3 days to hell.Friday January 3rd, 2003
It is 2000 and 3...Wednesday January 1st, 2003
How 'bout another...Monday December 30th, 2002
A few more days go by..Thursday December 26th, 2002
Weekend over. Break continues!Monday December 23rd, 2002
first day of winter vacationSaturday December 21st, 2002
Winter vacation is here!Thursday December 19th, 2002
I HATE SCHOOL!Tuesday August 27th, 2002
I'm comming home. ..USA.. UGH!Wednesday August 14th, 2002
France is cool. I like Paris.Friday August 2nd, 2002
To Paris on MondaySaturday July 27th, 2002
200+ pictures... to upload.Monday July 22nd, 2002
2 whole days w/o touching a PCSaturday July 20th, 2002
2 is an ideal number.Wednesday July 17th, 2002
an update...Sunday July 14th, 2002
Im in Switzerland!!!Friday July 12th, 2002
5 Days till. Summer is great!Saturday July 6th, 2002
11 Days Untill SwitzerlandMonday July 1st, 2002
I like summer Summer kicks assThursday June 20th, 2002
It's Summer!!!!!Saturday June 15th, 2002
~5 hours of school remaining!Thursday June 13th, 2002
11 Hours left of school! WOOT!Wednesday June 12th, 2002
60 hours of school left!Monday June 3rd, 2002
*blinks* woah its late.. Monday June 3rd, 2002
5 movies in past 12 hoursSunday June 2nd, 2002
Not so great weekendMonday May 27th, 2002
16 days untill summer!Wednesday May 22nd, 2002
Social intense weekendMonday May 20th, 2002
Met a Jewish holocaus survivorFriday May 17th, 2002
Warmer then usual day....Monday May 13th, 2002
Green cheese from mars i thinkMonday May 6th, 2002
29 days till freedomSaturday May 4th, 2002
BlaaaahTuesday April 30th, 2002
<40 days left of schoolSaturday April 27th, 2002
Stanford testing sucks Tuesday April 23rd, 2002
How about a post...Monday April 22nd, 2002
Laa dee dooMonday April 15th, 2002
.....45 days left till summerThursday April 11th, 2002
46 days of school till summerWednesday April 10th, 2002
-1 Days till DOOM, GAAH!Monday April 8th, 2002
1 Day till more DOOMSunday April 7th, 2002
2 Days till more DOOMSaturday April 6th, 2002
3 Days till more DOOMFriday April 5th, 2002
all your cows are belong to meThursday April 4th, 2002
Rum de DooTuesday April 2nd, 2002
La de doMonday April 1st, 2002
Happy EasterSunday March 31st, 2002
Spring break is good.Saturday March 30th, 2002
1 days till spring break! Tuesday March 26th, 2002
2 days till spring break! Monday March 25th, 2002
3 days till spring break!Sunday March 24th, 2002
MoooWednesday March 20th, 2002
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234Tuesday March 19th, 2002
Marco discovers many things...Saturday March 16th, 2002
The Blurr, 5 days a week.Monday March 11th, 2002
another sundaySunday March 10th, 2002
Weekend, how i love weekendsSunday March 10th, 2002
Post from hell- i mean schoolFriday March 8th, 2002
Moo, yes? + /media/mp3 listingWednesday March 6th, 2002
blah blah blahTuesday March 5th, 2002
first laa dee doo of MarchMonday March 4th, 2002
Ah!Monday March 4th, 2002
Why Linux will prevailSunday March 3rd, 2002
Mooooooooooo!Saturday March 2nd, 2002
Last day of Feb in 2002...Thursday February 28th, 2002
what an IDLE day...Wednesday February 27th, 2002
Laa dee dooTuesday February 26th, 2002
MooMonday February 25th, 2002
good weekend, too bad its overMonday February 25th, 2002
...BlekSunday February 24th, 2002
English poem stinky. ja..Thursday February 21st, 2002
laa dee doo...Wednesday February 20th, 2002
Yes, Cows DO go Moo...Tuesday February 19th, 2002
Cows.. go.. Moo!Monday February 18th, 2002
Laa dee dooMonday February 18th, 2002
nothing much...Monday February 11th, 2002
laa dee dooMonday February 11th, 2002
finally... dvd decoder..Sunday February 10th, 2002
Another cpu!Thursday February 7th, 2002
This is so trueTuesday February 5th, 2002
MooMonday February 4th, 2002
Moo? No? Oh... okSunday February 3rd, 2002
I hate valentines DaySunday February 3rd, 2002
Last post in january 2002Wednesday January 30th, 2002
January nears endTuesday January 29th, 2002
Yey! It's so beautiful!Saturday January 26th, 2002
Update!Tuesday January 22nd, 2002
First real driveMonday January 21st, 2002
Almost the weekend...Thursday January 17th, 2002
Moo? Anyone?Tuesday January 15th, 2002
laa dee doo, im 16..Monday January 14th, 2002
mb kaputt...Sunday January 13th, 2002
fizTuesday January 8th, 2002
First post of 2002Tuesday January 1st, 2002
Woohoo!Saturday December 22nd, 2001
who wants update?Wednesday December 19th, 2001
Well, then..Monday December 17th, 2001
Hm.. yet another post from schTuesday November 27th, 2001
a post from hell-...uhh schoolTuesday November 20th, 2001
Long time no postSunday November 18th, 2001
XP Equals eXtra ProprietarySunday November 4th, 2001
Laa dee dooTuesday October 30th, 2001
Almost weekend! yes!Thursday October 25th, 2001
If i could stop time...Sunday October 21st, 2001
Time for a news post!Sunday October 21st, 2001
Day off from school gone by..Wednesday October 17th, 2001
Week gone bySunday October 14th, 2001
today was okay!Tuesday October 9th, 2001
Now, america striked back...Sunday October 7th, 2001
Nothing much new...Wednesday October 3rd, 2001
a Mon-..wait.. tuesday!Tuesday October 2nd, 2001
Baah! Little code...Sunday September 30th, 2001
Are things rolling?Thursday September 27th, 2001
Horses are here...Tuesday September 25th, 2001
school again tomorrow... grrSunday September 23rd, 2001
Motivation at a highSunday September 23rd, 2001
Nothing much new...Thursday September 20th, 2001
A want a Meg of PiSunday September 16th, 2001
nothin much going on localyWednesday September 12th, 2001
9-11, 2001 "America Attacked"Tuesday September 11th, 2001
oh my...Sunday September 9th, 2001
not again..Monday September 3rd, 2001
First post of september!Sunday September 2nd, 2001
*sob* bahh! and bleck!Thursday August 30th, 2001
Day one passes.Tuesday August 28th, 2001
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!Monday August 27th, 2001
2 Days till DoomsdaySunday August 26th, 2001
Updates and Upgrades!Saturday August 25th, 2001
News Post!Thursday August 23rd, 2001
hum de dumSunday August 19th, 2001
hum de dumSunday August 19th, 2001
a good fridaySaturday August 18th, 2001
I am back from switzerlandThursday August 16th, 2001
tomorrow, i return!Tuesday August 14th, 2001
One day till i returnMonday August 13th, 2001
Woah, there!Sunday August 12th, 2001
woah... day with comps in CHFriday August 10th, 2001
POst for thursday from bernThursday August 9th, 2001
Cousi-n-gaming-WednesdayWednesday August 8th, 2001
Hmm, a tuesday passes...Tuesday August 7th, 2001
A monday passesMonday August 6th, 2001
Slow, peaceful,nice sundaySunday August 5th, 2001
A Sat. with all the LSaturday August 4th, 2001
Back from Tessin! It was greatFriday August 3rd, 2001
August 1st!Wednesday August 1st, 2001
changing my central locationTuesday July 31st, 2001
woah! i actually bought a cd! Monday July 30th, 2001
another day goes by to quicklySunday July 29th, 2001
Ahh, the last couple of daysSaturday July 28th, 2001
arived in switzerlandTuesday July 24th, 2001
Leavin' for Switzerland.Sunday July 22nd, 2001
Nerds and a MovieFriday July 20th, 2001
Chillin' on a Tue mornin'Tuesday July 17th, 2001
Yackedy Shmack!Sunday July 15th, 2001
Back from Vacation #1Monday July 16th, 2001
First Post in Archive!Thursday June 21st, 2001

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