"Arbeit macht frei"
Published Thursday November 18th, 2004

"Work makes free." Work grants freedom or release. This stood on the gate entranc into the ex-concentration camp.
Heh, just one day has elapsed since I last wrote, and I have pages and pages of notes again.. This time I find myself writing in a restaurant by out hotel in Warnem
Posted by Margret @ 21:42, November 18, 2004
Great Sunsets! But my favorite, the waves of the water and the waves of the sand in the bottom right Corner Picture.

Posted by Andimandi @ 11:22, November 20, 2004
hey marco...thats soo wierd that you went there where like you said people had been tortured and killed during a time of horror...erie indeed....

Posted by Marco @ 16:10, November 20, 2004
Yeh.. it was .. an odd feeling..

Posted by moerf @ 09:49, November 21, 2004
Andimandi, I was at one of those camps too. Down in Munich in Dachau, maybe Marco you have heart of it. It's a really odd and weird thing walking through this camp. It's a museum and it shows you stuff you wouldn't even think of they did. Horrible time. Very horible. Never again!

Posted by Marco @ 13:34, November 21, 2004
Indeed. Heh... I'd hope that most people have heard of Dachau.. It's a pretty.. "famous" concentration camp..