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Posted by No Name on "Photos: Global Lives Project - Kazakhstan" @ 21:22, February 12, 2012
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Posted by Jack Andrews on "Photos: Global Lives Project - Kazakhstan" @ 13:25, February 07, 2012
This blog is definitely something I come back to time and again - I know something interesting will always be here! All the best!
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Posted by Domain in India on "Status Update" @ 22:49, January 23, 2012
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Posted by Domain registration on "Photos: Global Lives Project - Kazakhstan" @ 02:06, December 01, 2011
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Posted by Damon on "Status Update" @ 12:59, March 06, 2010
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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 11:19, July 19, 2009
I have not been here in ages and decided to drop by. In answer to your "wtf is with these debilitating headaches, lately!?" I think it's the annoying text you have at the top of this page. ;)
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Posted by Nomi on "Whistle" @ 15:43, June 30, 2009
Having remembered that I am/used to be a whisltler last Saturday, I've tried to regain this old habit several times.

*tweet tweet, whistle whistle*... Didn't know I'm such a birdlike person.
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Posted by Matt on "My produce in action: How to Create an Online Course Catalog" @ 17:35, June 16, 2009
You will never look at another course catalog in the same way again. Apparently neither will I since I am now inheriting this beast.
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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 19:42, June 07, 2009
Heeey Marco! I haven't been to your blog in awhile... having fun?
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Posted by Shannon on "Photo Entry: Early Spring in Tokyo" @ 12:26, March 28, 2009
Terrific pics! Thanks for sharing. :)
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Posted by Marco on "Funding Approved! - CARAS Project: Virtual Platform for Experimentation with New Avenues of Electronic Music Distribution" @ 03:12, March 13, 2009
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Posted by Wes on "Funding Approved! - CARAS Project: Virtual Platform for Experimentation with New Avenues of Electronic Music Distribution" @ 09:47, March 12, 2009
Congratulations! Does the funding come in USD or L$?
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Posted by No Name on "A From-The-Train Observation" @ 21:48, February 27, 2009
Yes the suicide issue is unbelievable and extremely sad at the same time. I just can't get pass the fact that in such a blessed country with so much opportunity, clean water, food, etc....that so people decide to take their lives every day. I understand the stress and the many issues in peoples lives, but I remember living across the street from squatter areas around Manila and even though the people had absolutely no food or water, suicide is usually not even thought of. Ironic.
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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 12:38, February 26, 2009
Hi Marco. How are you in Japan? I read there is raining. We have allways
snow and realy heavy snowstorms. We have mountens of them bevor the
house. I hope we hear from you. LG Grosi und Grosäti
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Posted by Wes on "Left or Right" @ 10:54, February 26, 2009
Hang on. You mean to say you don't use an umbrella?
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Posted by No Name on "I Fail at Blogging, Lately" @ 11:42, February 24, 2009
You blogs are still better then mine.
I guess that would make sense to spend time in japan when you have free time during the break- actually I think its a good idea because then you can just do things leisurely..., except for no visit of you to home.
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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 21:09, January 23, 2009

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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 13:25, January 23, 2009
Hi Marco. What is Ruby and what is about the Twitter??? I have no ideha
what that is. How are you?? How is it at school? Today we had a big storm
storm with rain, snow, Hagel, thunder and lightening. We wish you a nice
weekend and good learning (homework). Greeting from Grosvati and Grosi
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Posted by No Name on "Moo, yes? + /media/mp3 listing" @ 02:06, January 19, 2009
Please contact me at kevin at brogan dot ca. I would love to host your mp3.com files for free for all time as a permanent archive on the net. Or at the very least, I'd love your minister, cynic project, and trance [] control collection... I'm a fan.
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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 16:58, January 06, 2009
haha thats cool. Tea without corn syrup too? In glass bottles? or plastic? not snapple tea?! or lipton?

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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 13:08, December 10, 2008
!What could it possibly mean!!
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Posted by Marco on "Status Update" @ 01:53, December 07, 2008
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Posted by Chris on "Status Update" @ 15:33, December 05, 2008
Congrats man!
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Posted by Chels on "Status Update" @ 11:43, December 04, 2008
uh oh! i am typing this in class because i am bored! weeee!
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Posted by No Name on "Status Update" @ 12:13, December 03, 2008
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