Moo, yes? + /media/mp3 listing
Published Wednesday March 6th, 2002

Hrm, well then.. laa dee doo ey? Yes, i think so!
Hrm.. today ..nothing happened. yep..nothing.. School.. blek. nothing out of the ordinary.. then. got home.. epiar... played, changed stuff.. fun.. yea.. then i made 2 spaceships for epiar! hahahaha, they're... interesting... *watches tv window* ok.. aperently now there are purple m&m's... well aint that dandy.... Hrm. moo moo and some more moo.. oh! tomorrow i have a 2/3rd's day at.. hell.. oh.. i mean school.. yep! cool... yey!! thats good.. less school is always better.. woohoo! Hrm.. ill probably spend it sleeping.. good use? i think so! Hrm.. ok, well. i really have nothing to say.. so, im going to post the contents of /media/mp3 on my hard disk.. sound good? ok, here it is!

14M ./
5.5M ./
30M ./ Fergani - FTP
32M ./
16M ./
73M ./ J N E M E S I S
14M ./ DJ
29M ./
85M ./ Eskimo
60M ./
12M ./
101M ./
29M ./
18M ./ of sound
68M ./
45M ./ Cortazar
62M ./ Turbo
56M ./ - The source of trance
108M ./ Cynic Project
216M ./ infinity
92M ./ Priora
128M ./
193M ./
54M ./ l u b s k i l l s
23M ./
24M ./
89M ./
22M ./
23M ./ Pump
7.6M ./ Village
11M ./ Double A
53M ./ Virtualizer
37M ./
49M ./
40M ./
19M ./
21M ./
18M ./ A
22M ./
3.8M ./
71M ./
28M ./
111M ./
61M ./ 19
16M ./ in the Machine
158M ./ Sun
90M ./ of the Earth
99M ./
33M ./ of Balance
30M ./
5.0M ./
63M ./ Reflection
32M ./
14M ./
19M ./
8.8M ./ Section
71M ./
4.4M ./ Taylor
32M ./
3.2M ./
25M ./ Cut
175M ./ Wave
15M ./
141M ./
137M ./ Range
41M ./
13M ./
6.0M ./ records
9.0M ./
68M ./ Production
45M ./ DreamScape Project
16M ./ RaveBusters
165M ./ [] control
59M ./ Central
61M ./ Generation
38M ./
33M ./
47M ./
120M ./
57M ./
160M ./
6.0M ./'Ed
7.5M ./ Dreams
32M ./ [] Records
51M ./
31M ./
105M ./
43M ./
5.5M ./
12M ./
13M ./ Mission Core
57M ./
26M ./ Yan
66M ./!
9.2M ./ Wire
107M ./
64M ./
5.0G ./
21M ./Trance/Sunbeam
4.0k ./Trance/Compilations
3.4M ./Trance/Airscape
72M ./Trance/Alice Deejay
326M ./Trance/ATB
426M ./Trance/Awaiting Testing and Conversion
176M ./Trance/Ayla
3.7M ./Trance/Barcode Brothers
102M ./Trance/Blank & Jones/In da Mix
218M ./Trance/Blank & Jones
7.0M ./Trance/Blue Nature
202M ./Trance/Bluemchen
66M ./Trance/CD 1
66M ./Trance/CD 2
98M ./Trance/Chicane
3.6M ./Trance/Cyberstorm
105M ./Trance/Darude/before the storm
112M ./Trance/Darude
16M ./Trance/Delerium
197M ./Trance/DJ Dado
6.2M ./Trance/DJ Energy
35M ./Trance/Dj Mind-X
32M ./Trance/Dolphin's Mind
128M ./Trance/E-Type
58M ./Trance/Fragma
2.0G ./Trance/Full Albums & Large MegaMixes
38M ./Trance/Gigi D'Agostino
68M ./Trance/GOLIATH 3 - The Compilation
5.9M ./Trance/Havana
6.2M ./Trance/Ian Van Dahl
68M ./Trance/Imperio
6.1M ./Trance/In Full Colour
92M ./Trance/Kosmonova
11M ./Trance/Lange
14M ./Trance/Maria Rubia
172M ./Trance/Mauro Picotto
16M ./Trance/Megamixes
484M ./Trance/Ministry of Sound
62M ./Trance/Mystery Trance vol_ 3 disc 1
16M ./Trance/Mythos & DJ Cosmos
2.6M ./Trance/Natalie Browne
61M ./Trance/new cds/Behind The Sun
4.0k ./Trance/new cds/Trancemania Vol_ 3
66M ./Trance/new cds/Dj Culture
73M ./Trance/new cds/Dreamsounds a trip to Fantasy Vol_ 2 (CD 1)
68M ./Trance/new cds/GOLIATH 8
71M ./Trance/new cds/Future
21M ./Trance/new cds/Nightclubbing CD2
59M ./Trance/new cds/Nightclubbing
71M ./Trance/new cds/Futurescope 17
74M ./Trance/new cds/ENERGY01
641M ./Trance/new cds
68M ./Trance/Partysan Trance
252M ./Trance/Paul Oakenfold
65M ./Trance/Paul Van Dyke
27M ./Trance/Prezioso
15M ./Trance/Rank 1
13M ./Trance/Rhythm of Life
132M ./Trance/Robert Miles
141M ./Trance/Samplers/Future Trance/Future Trance 12
139M ./Trance/Samplers/Future Trance/Future Trance Vol. 11
279M ./Trance/Samplers/Future Trance
74M ./Trance/Samplers/More Than Miles - Dream House 96
69M ./Trance/Samplers/ENERGY 00
143M ./Trance/Samplers/Dream Dance Volume 16
564M ./Trance/Samplers
70M ./Trance/Aircraft
18M ./Trance/Tatjana
13M ./Trance/Vengaboys
112M ./Trance/William Orbit
20M ./Trance/Yahel
17M ./Trance/York
12M ./Trance/Zhi-Vago
120M ./Trance/Unsorted
79M ./Trance/Tranzworld 3
7.5G ./Trance
19M ./
24M ./ vs. S.T.E
42M ./
76M ./upload_here
343M ./DJ Emel
3.7M ./aim_trades
51M ./Movies
37M ./Euro/S Club 7
61M ./Euro/Eiffel 65
563M ./Euro/Bravo Hits
51M ./Euro/All Saints
710M ./Euro
71M ./POP/Unsorted
6.6M ./POP/Sting
48M ./POP/M2M
93M ./POP/Ace of Base
217M ./POP
21M ./Clasical & Mood/Mozart
65M ./Clasical & Mood/Albums/Pure Moods
65M ./Clasical & Mood/Albums
85M ./Clasical & Mood
67M ./Game Music/The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Soundtrack
48M ./Game Music/Super Mario 64
58M ./Game Music/StarFox 64
171M ./Game Music
7.8M ./TV
4.2M ./Dance/Unsorted
117M ./Dance/Venga Boys
121M ./Dance
8.2M ./Latin/Jennifer Lopez
8.2M ./Latin
2.1M ./Misc
13M ./Hummor/Unsorted
86M ./Hummor/Weird Al
99M ./Hummor
84M ./webnew
14G ./New
28G .

Welp, that took up a nice chunk of space in my database... hhahahaha.. excelent! woohoo!!! hrm.. anyways.. yep.. thats todays post.... exciting, dont you think? i sure do! alrighty then!

(a few min later)
ok, now i noticed that... somewhere.. things get choped of if they are too long.. well then.. thats quite interesting.... hrm.... i posted this BIG list of mp3s.. and things.. but... most of it got cut of, aswell as this bottom part... interesting.... where at? in the php config.. or, in the sql database... hrm.. ill have to investiage that..
Posted by No Name @ 02:06, January 19, 2009
Please contact me at kevin at brogan dot ca. I would love to host your files for free for all time as a permanent archive on the net. Or at the very least, I'd love your minister, cynic project, and trance [] control collection... I'm a fan.