I Fail at Blogging, Lately
Published Tuesday February 24th, 2009 from Ontakesan Dorm, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Listening to Digitally Imported Radio Premium Replay Channel, feeling alright–but fighing off a cold.

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Mt. Fuji through the clearing in the concrete jungle. In Ontakesan, Ota-ku.
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Hachikō Crossing, Shibuya

The title is true! I've posted one entry in the almost two months since I've moved to Tokyo! Gahh, miserable failure! I really need to get back into the blogging groove.. I'll use the rambling approach to blogging. It goes something like this:

Things have been busy lately. Ehh—They've been busy the whole time I've been here! Hah. Last week I submitted a CARAS project proposal titled, "Virtual Platform for Experimentation with New Avenues of Electronic Music Distribution" with the help of Dr. Jean-Julien Aucouturier, the instructor for my Intro to Cybermedia course at TUJ. The proposal, a collaboration between Dr. Aucouturier and myself, will be reproduced here once it's been accepted or rejected.

This week at TUJ I've got midterms and other tests as well as a bunch of homework due. Super exciting. Schools been occupying most of my time in the past two or so weeks. I've also been working with OmniUpdate, Inc. on a course catalog bulletin web/print-reproduction project for SUNY Stonybrook. Luckily today is an undergraduate holiday, giving me some time to catch up.

I haven't been out much, which has somewhat decreased my motivation. Once midterms are over, there will have to be a night where I don't catch last train and instead stay out clubbing or partying all night–Dancers High.. kind of like Runners High.. Maybe drunken bowling on the 10th floor of some building..

I've been grappling with what to do in the coming break between Spring and Summer semesters. Do I fly to California to visit family for part of it, or do I stay in and around Tokyo? While still undecided, I'm increasingly leaning towards staying in Tokyo. There's so much of this megalopolis that I have yet to explore. Not having to worry about school and homework would give me much more free time to go exploring!

Apparently "arubaito", is the Japanese word for part-time job/work. I'm still unsure how the Japanese got part-time job out of the German word Arbeit which only really means work.

The dollar compared to the Yen has been doing better lately. Presently, it's 96.38 Yen to the dollar. Back in January when I came here, it was around ¥87-ish. Some of the JAs (long-term students) on this side of the dorm's 1st-floor hall and myself play a little game where we joyously announce the conversion rates when they're in our favor, on a frequent basis.

 Well then.. That's enough unstructured rambling. It's time for bed, anyway. I've got a Japanese oral-midterm to be awake for tomorrow! Mhrr..

Posted by No Name @ 11:42, February 24, 2009
You blogs are still better then mine. I guess that would make sense to spend time in japan when you have free time during the break- actually I think its a good idea because then you can just do things leisurely..., except for no visit of you to home.