Almost Weekend, I say!
Published Thursday February 27th, 2003

Well, then.. looky here... another week has almost finished and another weekend awaits me! yey! So far, my plans for this upcoming weekend.. are.. well... towards saturday evening another Entropy Design Meeting... and.. the rest of the time, ill watch movies and read from Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon which an online friend suggested to me i read.. lol, so.. yep.. that'll be that... woohoo... exciting, no? heh.
Tomorrow at around 16:30 i have to go to some stupid doctor place where they photograph the moles on my back... grrr... they'll probabbly find one thats screwy and want to chop it off... grrr, i hate that.
Hrm.. this week went by pretty quickly, i must say.. heh, Part 2 of a math test monday- er, or was it tuesday? i cant remember... i think it was tuesday.. had a sub monday.. whatever.. lol, a Chemistry test on tuesdya.. (that was easy)... hrm.. besides that... not a whole lot.. 2 minimum days wednesday and thursday (today) both in which i accomplished nothing and getting up and going to school was even more pointless then any normal day... i did absolutely nothing.. i could have stayed home and returned on friday (tomorrow) and not even noticed i missed 2 days... grrr... what a waste of good usable time on something more.... self-fitting? lol.. Heh... Tuesday, another CD i bought on arrived, Safri Duo - Episode II.... excellent stuff... its very interesting.... its an exotic blend of ethnic african drums (no stereo-type intended), trance pads/strings, ambient baselines, and added drum'n'bass flavour... lol, its really cool... i love it. wheee.
hrm... on another random note, i think its time for somewhat of a hair-shortenage... lol...heh, dunno when that'll happen though, ive been saying this for the past few weeks.. lol... speaking of which.. i should shave... lazy bastard that i am... heh.. but, i think shaving can wait yet another day... right?... right! heh.
A very old, good friend of mine, Cory was over today from around 14:00 till 19:00.. that was cool.. i really like him, hes a very cool, funny guy.. heh.. it's been a while since ive hung out with him, and even really talked... heh, im glad we got togheter.. id say i've missed talking to him over the past school year, as none of our classes are the same and we dont really hang out with the same group at lunch.. heh.. oh well, what im saying is that i enjoyed myself. lol. we watched sea lab episodes he had, and Thumb filmettes i had.. lol, quite fun, quite fun. Heh.. hopefully we'll get togheter again soon.
Hrm.. well then.. look at the time..... oh where ever has it gone too... *randomly remembers he has a crapload of unreplied email in his inbox* .. heh... ill save that for my typical sunday evening email replying spree... lol... heh. ....
... argh, now i expect myself to lift my ass into the bathroom, to brush my teeth and then head on into bed...
Yes bed?
Im lonely..
Oh, be quiet, ill be there shortly..
I'm impatient..
I've noticed....
You're not with me long enought..
Heh, i agree.. id love to spend more time with you, bed...
Yes bed?
Please hurry...
=) okay, my bed
hehe =) yey!
lol, geesh, you're quite the happy bed, arent you?
yes! yes i am! because i feel so loved!
=) lol, and you rightfullly should be, because, i love you bed!
I love you too Marco