Published Sunday January 16th, 2005

Instead of sleeping (something I really should do), I have found random motivation to write an entry from the fact that I have not written one in a very long time.. A very long time. The last time I made an actual entry was 16 days ago. Wow.. What a gap. There's no way I can remember what I've been up to in that amount of time.. Actually, I can.. But I'm not motivated that much to write all of it.

On January 5th through 7th I had orientation for Brooks in Santa Barbara. Three days of boring and threatening speeches about the hardships and difficulties of college life. Bureaucrats in the spotlight with speeches over the word limit for three days. Very boring, very dull, very blah.

On the morning of my first class, on January 10th, I left home and drove in the direction of Santa Barbara driving north on the 101 freeway. It was raining, and had been raining all weekend and continued to rain. As I got to the 101/33 to Ojai junction, traffic built up and soon I discovered that the freeway was closed because of flooding and major land slide. I called the school and found out that classes had been cancelled. My first day of college was cancelled.. I drove back home, and found that there was a lovely, rather large land slide on our neighbours property. (I'll post pictures another time.)

I spent Monday hanging about at home. I didn't have school Tuesday and I continued to hang about. Wednesday came as did Thursday and the freeway was still closed and I missed 1 lecture on Wednesday, and a lecture and lab on Thursday. Great start to college. I felt great. Great times those days were. No question about it. Fun times..

Friday as I got out of bed, my mom came and told me that the freeway had opened again. I was able to drive to class.. It only took me about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to class because of 2 hour traffic because people are too stupid and incompetent drivers when it comes to merging from 3 lanes to 2 to 1 even though miles before it stated clearly that the right 2 lanes would be closed. I hate people. They are stupid.

I got to class about 40 minutes late. Oh well. I sped home and had dinner with my family which was enjoyable. By 10.30 I was in bed but couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned, sighed, and stared at walls until 05.00 in the morning when I got up to go to special Saturday classes that were put into place to make up lost time for the cancelled classes the prior Monday. My first lecture was at 07.00 until around 10.00. At around that time I headed into downtown Santa Barbara and bought myself a Rebel K2 because previously I owned no film camera. I had lunch, had some time to wander on the beach as I ate, and then I was off to my other class at an entirely different campus than the lecture in the early morning. Class started at 13.00 and was out by 15.00. I was long, boring and dull.. Some General Education class... Culture Studies or something, the class is called. I headed homeward and got stuck in traffic again for at least 40 minutes because people had to look at the land slides in La Conchita. Barely moving traffic until La Conchita, after which one could go at least 80mph without any problems. I hate people. They are stupid. I expect to be telling future traffic stories..

I finally ended up back in Camarillo and I met up with Matt and Danielle, as far as I can remember. I think we had dinner, but I don't really remember that. I was so tired, that I didn't really feel the tiredness anymore. We stayed up and out and about until around 03.00 when I went home. I didn't sleep terribly great and by 11.30ish I was out of bed again.. I had lunch and then went down to Matt's and we then drove around Camarillo. I took photographs for some assignment I got. They all suck. The title of the assignment is, "A day in the life of [Insert city here]" .. Yea, so the photos I took will all probably suck a whole lot.

Anyway.. the day passed by.. stuff happened... we met up with Danielle... later went to Jesse's and Simon came over and we watched Clerks and then at around 22.00 I went to bed and here I am. I should go to bed.. I have class tomorrow. If i go to bed now, I'll get 8 hours of sleep. Mmmm.. That's a long time. For this reason.. I am off....

Heh.. This has been my quick recap of the past week and some days which seemed to have lasted an eternity, filled with my nervousness, agitation, stress, tiredness, worried-ness and so forth. I have no idea when the next entry will come.

This entry has taken me about 5 minutes to type.
Posted by Danielle @ 02:18, January 17, 2005
Ah yes, good ole Camarillo, it loves you. We ate at Carl's Jr and the guy got arrested, come onnnnnnnnn it was GREAT. Parking next to the cop car, free food, mm.

Posted by Marco @ 02:50, January 18, 2005

Posted by Di @ 12:15, January 17, 2005
Hey, next time you are in SB...CALL ME. I do live here, it would be fun to see you.

Posted by Marco @ 02:48, January 18, 2005
It seems like im always in SB these days... call ME! lol, ill give you a call one of these days.

Posted by +rl @ 12:59, January 17, 2005
Hi nur Mut und schau vorwaerts.

Posted by Simon+ @ 18:09, January 17, 2005
"One of us! One of us!"