We'll Be The Same Tomorrow
Published Monday December 4th, 2006

An introduction paragraph this is. This is the introduction. An introduction paragraph this was.

Among all the different friends and groups I hang out with, each rather different than the other from political views to social opinion and religious beliefs, I find it somehow comforting yet disgruntling that a total loss as to what to do is a common issue across the board (read: bored). This is technically not a paragraph.

Last Monday (the 27th of Nov.) the first child of my generation in my family was born. That is, my cousin Martin on my Mom’s side of the family (the mostly religious side-except Martin and his brothers) had a son bore by his German girlfriend out in Germany. Many, including my Mom, on my Mom’s side of the family find it difficult that the child was born out of wedlock. Get over it. I don’t see the big deal. I guess I’m just not very traditional/too liberal.

I think I’ll have at least two pieces of photograph artwork that I’ve been working on the past few months to show soon. Sometimes I wish I were still studying photography.

This concludes my very brief entry.
Posted by a completely anonymous bear @ 12:28, December 04, 2006
I totally agree. I'm slowly noticing that the average life is evolving more toward personal activities such as computing and such. The result is a slight retardation when put into a group situation. You ask me "what do you want to do" and well there are a few things... like sitting... pissing in the wind... playing los videojuegos... I think it's just easier to appease yourself than a group. And things that would easily appease you by yourself are suddenly boring in a group setting. I think it's because when you gather with friends your expectations rise. As if the mere meeting with your friends is going to cause some massive orgasmic explosion of enertainment. If we were to perhaps lower our expectations we might feel less unaccomplished as a posse? LMAO there have been times I would have had more fun typing with my friends on aim than actually being with them. What has science done? I think I've had so much fun with technological advances that merely "hanging out" has become comletely obsolete in the whole "fun" realm.

Posted by shorty @ 16:08, December 06, 2006
bear is right, although I don't know it relates to this post ;) I have long despised text-messaging and, at times, phones simply because they only allow a subset of communication. Communicating with another human being is not just talking! We can communicate with other people more easily, but at what cost? We sit behind our screens, safe behind the anonymous medium called internet (or sms or whatever), and talk, but minus the inflection or emphasis on a word or a facial expression that completely changes the meaning of what was said. Whatever happened to communicating without ever saying/typing a word? P.S. marshmellows, flying puppies (yip!), and rabid purple dogs ftw

Posted by shorty @ 16:15, December 06, 2006
one thing I forgot to mention: There is a result of despising impersonal communication in todays world: no communication and the resulting loneliness.

Posted by The fatty @ 18:49, December 05, 2006
It's amusing that when I have come to your blog and read about your religious blurb there is an ad saying God Wants You Well in the right hand corner.

Posted by Marco @ 20:29, December 05, 2006
You know what you should do when you see such an ad? Click on it! And it's called targeted advertisement. When the page contains the word "religion" you plaster an ad with "god" in it onto the page. D'uh, you failed capitalist-roader.