Check out Andy McKee
Published Sunday December 24th, 2006 from My room in Camarillo, CA. Listening to Vinylgroover & The Red Hed - Drums of Thursday, feeling pretty good.

I've always really liked hearing the acoustic guitar and I've especially always fancied using the guitar for percussion sounds to add rhythm to what is already being played on the guitar. Cory linked me to a video of Andy McKee, an musician who does just what I've described wonderfully, on YouTube that I thought was worth sharing:

Posted by chris @ 01:51, December 25, 2006
That's really impressive. Is that a bass atop the guitar on the second video? Weird and wonderful.

Posted by Marco @ 02:05, December 25, 2006
It sort of sounds like it.. I'm not sure. It's pretty cool, though.