I want to get off! (the ride)
Published Tuesday January 3rd, 2006

Well it’s most certainly been a while since I last wrote an entry. Here goes the first entry of 2006! I’ve been quite busy lately.

I’ll start off with some site news. I’ve bumped up the site-version to v4.15-as1.1.0 for the new year after adding quite a number of features to this site/blog: RSS, speed increases, AJAX stuff, bug and security fixes, in-blog syntax highlighting, and the recent in-blog access privileges and users database. This entry will be the premiere for the latter, which I discussed towards the end of this entry. I have yet to fully define what access privileges different levels have. By default any new account is set to level 1, and any non-logged in visitor is set to level 0. The code does some “thinking” to assign levels, but ultimately I assign them to individual accounts.

I’ve renamed my phpLiveStats project to Anubeo and plan on starting this project from scratch with the same goals and intentions in mind, but with a few added features that I’ve been wanting and making it more distributable with Sourceforge.net in mind. On top of the in-blog access privileges I also plan on adding in-blog/in-database obscuring/encryption for certain content in entries as an added safe-guard against possible prying eyes. I still need to come up with a good working model that will let me do what I desire/require.

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Monday evening Matt and I headed over to Tyson’s house. We later met up with Chris, Kristen, Chelsea, Danielle, and Kaye at Harley’s Bowl but were unable to get a lane so we all headed back to Tyson’s and met up with Dianne and Kay-jay. We hung around around and Tyson randomly brought out some of the holiday greeting cards his family had received. (You must login to gain access to this content.)

There you have it, a recap on personal current events. Now I wish to share some links. Wholly unorganized, and mostly random I begin with this site with a whole bunch of name generators and other random semi-useful crap. I continue my linkage with a video I found while bored one day (You must login to gain access to this content.) on youtube.com with Conan O’Brien. It’s a pretty funny Help-Desk clip where a writer who works for the show goes to India. Here’s a link to an article from the Onion about a guy who “needs to shut the fuck up.” Another one about how an employee of the month working at Target is sad that it’s already half way through the month, and an article about a really cool box-moving video game. One last article from the Onion shows you how stupid the FCC is.

Rather unrelated from the previous links, this weblog entry from the Google Blog makes me wish I had a job at Google, and here’s a random, out of place link to a cool-looking “rrdtool-based graphing solution” to generate graphs for system loads, traffic, and other information. This site offers a free, no-login-required service which allows you to send an email to virtually any mobile-phone as a text message without needing to know the phones email address. That’s pretty neat as well as useful.

Hrm.. Well, with all that said, I suppose I’ll end this entry. Let me know what you think about the access privileges thing!
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