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Published Saturday December 24th, 2005

Wow.. It’s been almost 10 days since I did one of these. Funny. A whole bunch of entries in a few days, and then nothing for quite some time. Oh well. Not like there is really anything to say. Any day I wasn’t working last week I was bored, or mixing. I worked Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. In other words.. there was a substantial amount of being bored, or mixing. Interesting, no? Indeed.

Oh well. Here goes a very rambly entry. I wish I had something to write about.

Last Tuesday, Dec. 20th, was the year mark since I left Switzerland last year. (related entry) Times really don’t seem to have changed a whole lot since then. While reading the first entry after my return to California, it feels as though it were only a few days ago. How I wish I were elsewhere. Meh, but then I would have to give up my cool job, or find another, which would likely not be so easy.

Today, or rather.. yesterday two hours ago, also known as Friday.. I went to work. Then at 13.00 I left work to go to my boss’s house for a company holiday party. He had really nice wood floors. The party was kind of fun, or rather entertaining. Got to see the co-workers outside of the office. I did a lot of observing. I’m good at watching people, so that’s what I did. Found out some of the hobbies the co-workers have (dogs, cats, seafood, Apple, joke names for children, abalone shells to name a few), and what kind of things dominate their lives outside of work. Also discovered that fresh sushi is apparently not so fresh, and that if you’re 100 feet beneath the surface of water you don’t necessarily want to go back up.

The rest of the day was a rather generic-Camarillian experience. (Boring as fuck. .. Whatever that may mean.) Sitting around. Driving around. Existing, sort of. Being. Bored of being bored. So forth, and so forth. Bla bla bla.

This weblog has hit the 200,000 view’s milestone since the code to count views was added about a year ago. This number does not include hits by spiders and/or other search engine crawlers (or other weird user-agents). The phpLiveStats (the stuff at the bottom of each page) hit-count is just behind at around 194,000 page views. This number is smaller because the count for the phpLiveStats number started on April 1st, 2004.

Last Sunday evening I wrote the login-system for future use on this weblog. Account creation and logging-in is working, but there’s no point to it yet. Create a pointless account here. It doesn’t serve a point yet, but in the future, the idea is to have some content (text in a weblog entry, for example) require that a reader login and then require that the user have high enough privileges in order to see the content. It’ll allow me to write stuff that I don’t want everyone to be able to read. I’ll be able to rant and ramble more openly without having to worry about whom will read some of the more personal or private things I write. I wont have to censor myself so much when I’m typing these things. More simply put, I’ll be able to say whatever and not get in trouble for it, upset someone, or offend someone unless they have high enough privileges to read the content. I’m repeating myself now. …But yea. Fun stuff. Expect to see it in play soon.

That’s it for now. I’m off to bed.
Posted by The fatty @ 09:27, December 26, 2005
uhm, wow. i was just told that my original comment contained content that was unacceptable. lol. that was surprising, fun, and well, hilarious. good day!