Arrived in California
Published Thursday December 23rd, 2004

This is the first entry since arriving in California. It's been 2 days now that I have been in California again. It's weird being here again. So many things are different compared to what I got used to in Switzerland. After a 12 hour and 20 minute flight from Zurich to Los Angeles that was delayed 90 minutes before take-off and sleeping during most of the flight, sitting in an LAX parking lot my surroundings were almost alien. In Zurich in the parking structure there wasn't a scrap of trash to be found laying on the floor, in the LAX parking lot there was trash all over the place. The cars where huge and it was rather warm. Driving home felt like a new experience too. 4 or more lanes on the freeway going one direction? I haven't seen that in a long, long time.

That Monday evening I managed to stay up until almost 01.00 probably because I had slept so much on the plane. Unfortunately I was awake again 6 hours later. Jet lag.. I spent all of Tuesday at home taking in my surroundings and trying to let myself catch up with reality. It's interesting that frequently things (I would say we, but I don't want to generalise for perhaps there is someone out there who is perfect.) are not appreciated until those things are gone..

Tuesday passed by. I listened to music on my sound system in my room which was something I missed while in Switzerland because I always had to listen to my music with headphones for I had no sound system with me in Switzerland. I hung out and bothered my sisters a bit, and so forth. In the afternoon Adam and Chris stopped by to say hello. I went to bed at around 23.00 and woke up at 06.45 on Wednesday morning. Way to early. I have no idea what to do so early in the morning. Doing anything just feels wrong. One shouldn't be awake and not tired at 06.45 in the morning.

At around 11.00 I drove down to Matt's house were we played some battlefield 1942. We drove to Ventura and went to some Mexican grill restaurant which was really good. After this we drove around quite a bit listening to music and such. We ended up in Newbury park and went on a little walk in the National Park there. After this we returned to Matt's house. Later we went and ate dinner at Olas, another Mexican grill in old town Camarillo. I couldn't fathom shoving a burger down my throat. At some point while at Matt's house again, Dianne, Tyson, Wes and Mike stopped by to say hello.

I ended up going to bed late that night hoping to be able to sleep longer into the morning, but failed and woke up at 08.00ish. Now I am here, on my bed typing this and rather tired.

I noticed that I don't just whistle when I'm happy, but also to make me happy. There's something about whistling to music that is relieving and relaxing and blissful, for me anyway. And whistling is what I'm doing right now.

I have a new mobile phone and its number is:   one    eight zero five    eight one five    nine one zero three. And with this new phone I can sign onto AIM and for that I have the screen name iamnungana. Now I'm always contactable! Ha! If I'll reply will be another question for another time.

Heh, its taken me more than 2 hours to write this short entry.. *sigh*

I'm tired and I think a nap is in order..

Posted by Di @ 23:34, December 24, 2004
sorry about the jet lag...that sucks. but we're glad you are back- we missed you! it was very nice to see you!

Posted by Danielle @ 12:52, December 26, 2004
Woooooooooh! I'm glad you're back, we can have debates about which milk is better because we all know 2% is better.

Posted by Marco @ 16:38, December 26, 2004
nu uh! Whole milk is superior!