We Grew Close, We'll Grow Apart
Published Saturday January 13th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Regina Spektor, sighing and teary-eyed.

Do you remember that day we met by chance?
That day many years ago in geometry class?
The teacher couldn't get you to quit talking.
She moved you to the vacant desk in front of me.

You irritated me.
You occupied that empty seat,
The seat which acted as a buffer,
A barrier between me and the class.

You kept turning around,
Speaking to me.
You wouldn't leave me alone.
You befriended me.

You've taught me much,
I hope I've taught you well.
You've helped shape me much,
I'm glad.
I know I've shaped you as well.

The memories we share are plenty.
I wont forget.
Shared memories to come seem few,
I do regret.

We've been best friends for many past years.
We've loved, we've hated,
We've disagreed,
Been stubborn,
And annoyed each other.
Each time we grew,
We grew closer.
We'll grow apart.

We hugged and it was all right,
But it did not fill the void which grew inside.
I've pushed aside
Things I feel.
The inevitable delayed no longer,
Tears in my eyes,
Sad I was that day you left.
That day is today.