Greece trip ends.
Published Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

Hallo all!,
The month of October has come and passed all too quickly. My month of traveling around-first through Germany, and then through Greece-has come to an end. I now face the daunting task of processing a good 5,000 some odd photographs, picking out the artistic shots from the touristic-"look-where-i-was" photographs and then working on the artistic shots to share with those interested. Additionally, i have quite a few entries to type up that i wrote while i was traveling including photographs.. I have quite some work ahead of me.

Alright, well.. I'm now back in Switzerland.. Greeting to all!
Posted by Margret @ 19:16, November 03, 2004
We are looking forward to reading your Postings and looking at your Pictures! Welcome Home in CH, Marco! Muti/Margret