Tuesday: closer to friday
Published Tuesday February 4th, 2003

Welp.. it is tuesday evening... woah.. isnt that amazing? oh.. oh it is... very amazing.... Today 4 cd's that i ordered arived.. they are:
Dj's @ work - Teamwork
System F (ferry corsten) - out of the blue
paul oakenfold - bunkka
svenson & gielen - the beauty of silence
yey... i havent had a chance to listen to them yet..heh... school today was typical: boring. heh.. came home... sat around.. did some stuff.. the stupid power reset and... my 40 day uptime on this box was reset.. argh! hmph. lol, i hate when i have to reboot my computer.. its usualy always because of a power failure.. pisses me off.. lol
hrm... tomorrow i attempt to get my drivers liscence... im already freaking nervous.. and.. becaus ei always get so nervous is why i always fail... i drive fine, safe.. whatever.. but when i drive with a dmv tester person i freak out.. and completely lock up and stop functioning.. its dangerous.. lol.. im already nervous right now.. and its still 12 hours away.. argh!!! i hate this part of my phsyce.. heh... oh well.. whatever, ill just fail it yet AGAIN... grr... i do get out of school tomorrow.. so thats a plus =) .. why?.. well, because the appointment is at 10 in the morning.. no point to go to school after that... its just... science and english.. nothing exciting... lol.. hrm.... yep.. i feel like puking at the moment.. bwah.. stupid..... hrm... dad went to san diego today.. hes comming back today again.. i wonder where he is... still not home.. lol... hrm... well.. yea.. enought out of me for today... till later..