Post from hell- i mean school
Published Friday March 8th, 2002

Look, its Lindows!
Well then, here's a post from school*hell* aint this fun? My friend chris is next to me doing homework.. tsk tsk tsk... homework is for at home.. *cought, cought* not like i do mine there.. but.. yea whatever... so.. how about the picture in todays post? yes? you like? i sure do.... It's Lindows! take Wine and add KDE.. and... you got lindows! Yes, thats right... And it doesnt cost $99 and... you can upgrade anytime to any version of any wine or kde... Yep... so... baah to Lindows and... yey to wine and kde... yep.. lol, i do support lindows though because.. this way we'll get more ppl to the linux environment and then possible ppl will want it free and upgraded more often with more feautres and use other linux distributions.. lol. yep.. hrm.. chris is impatient and wishess to use the computer so he wants me to hurry up... lol.. .hrm.. yes.. yesterday i changed the Epiar's website.. new layout.. yep.. i addeed a patch to epiar with more sprites and planets... the universe is expanding in epiar.. nice.. hrm.. chris has been stomping out bugs and ... we got a new developer to code physics into the game... ie.. a physics engine.. good shit.. hrm.. yea.. today.. moorpark.. UGH... i dont really want to go.. its so boring... its quite demotivating... *snore* hrm... anyways.. then.. sometime between today and then saturday morning hopefully Epiar 0.13 will be released! Yes! Hrm.. ok, well i gota go now... lunch is over.. unfortunately.. ugh.. ok..