Up to Sonnegga and back down.
Published Saturday July 24th, 2004

Zermat and the Matterhorn from our balcony in our rented flat.

We all woke up today at some time or another. I don't recall when, but i remember that i didn't really feel like getting up. My mom woke up earlier and went into the town, Zermat and bought some fresh croissants and other yummy sort of freshly baked bread. We ate breakfast at a very leisurely pace, i went back to bed for some reason. I don't believe i was fully awake yet. I slept another round and then finally got up and put clothes on.

We left our rental flat and started walking southwards towards the Matterhorn. Then we turned to the left and started our ascent up this mountain. Hiking for around 2 hours we ascended a mountain across from the Matterhorn. Unfortunately the Matterhorn was hidden in clouds, else we would have had a magnificent view of it's northern face, but as i said, unfortunately, it was a rather cloudy day.

As we walked up we encountered several Japanese tourists who ascended and also descended the mountain. I was quite happy to see some Japanese with a sense of adventure not following or partaking in a herd of guided tourist on some crash course tour to see all the famous sights in a tight time-schedule. Some greeted us in an attempt at German, some used English, and some used nod's and gestures.

At first, walking up the side of the mountain was very tiresome and i felt my heart shake my chest, but at a random instance, all of a sudden, I was no longer tired and i could walk up the mountain trail without any self resilience. We walked through a mountain-side forest and then all of a sudden, completely unexpected, the trees disappeared as we reached an elevation higher than where trees grow. At this point, there was a really small, little village named Findeln, i believe. It was really lovely. The rather small houses built from tree logs, elevated by a stack of rocks, and roof's shingled with rock slabs. The food very darkened, almost damp looking was a beautiful contrast to the mountain-side.

Everywhere, almost invisible to the eye, was it not for my ears which heard the rush of water, I see these little creeks flowing between the grasses, flowers, rocks and other assorted foliage. Running downward from every which way. I really love these alpine creeks which flow everywhere. There are so many, I am fascinated by them, and by some boyish urge, I wish to play in them, or with them; Dam them up, float things down them, and so forth.

After eating something, we continued and then reached the end of our little hike. Middle station, called Sonnegga, half way up to a mountain peak named Rothorn. Here, we went inside, into a restaurant, sat down and ordered two rounds of drinks, and a banana split with vanilla ice cream. I love the vanilla ice cream here. It's not white, but sort of yellow, the colour one would expect from vanilla, as opposed to the horrid white, unnatural vanilla ice cream i never buy in the States. Heh.

We waited around a bit, hoping that the high-altitude clouds might clear away, so that we could see the Matterhorn, or some other mountains.. However, this never happened, and we eventually descended the mountain again via this pulley-driven tram which descended through a deep, steep shaft back down to Zermat. When we reached Zermat again (I've i haven't already clarified, Zermat is a village at the bottom of the Matterhorn) We returned to our rented apartment and rested a bit. I played some Call of Duty, and napped a bit.

At around 1800 we went to go eat dinner. I and my dad had Fondue Chinoise (spelling? heh..) and my mom and Andrea had Raclette. It was very good. After dinner, we again returned to our flat where we watched TV, Andrea and i switched of playing GTA: Vice City, and then at around 2200 we started going to bed. Sometime in the evening, at around 2100 i got a call from Tyson. They're (Tyson, Raymond, Adam and Wes) are departing for Switzerland Wednesday early in the morning. They're leaving for LAX between 0200 and 0300. Ha ha. That's funny because it sucks, a lot. Ha ha, again.

Heh, anyway, i should go to bed so that i wont be tired tomorrow.

* Photos have not been altered, and could probably use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments. Oh well.