Laa dee doo
Published Sunday February 16th, 2003

LAad ee dooo... its early sunday morning... and... i still have 2 days ahead of me which do not include school.. whoooohooooo!!!
Friday evening my parents went to the Opera and i had a group of friends over to talk about the upcoming game we plan to develop... we argued and talked for about 3 hours about a storyline and towards the end we did finally form a possible storyline (skeleton) for a game... it was in its own right, hard... We even had Eric join us in the conference/meeting over the internet via voice. It was the first time I and or any of us had heard him talk, so.. like the first time we spoke to him in real voices.. it was really cool especially since Eric is an important ascet to the planed game... hes a cool guy. lol
Hrm.. then... today i sat around a lot... i "locked down" (change permissions to 444 and suchlikes..) my /media drive because it was completely filled. yea..
well then... im going to bed... heh..