It's an entry
Published Saturday March 18th, 2006

Hey look... an entry. Yes, most certainly. It's true! This is an entry to my weblog. How dandy. How fancy. How great and splendidly nice. Oh yes, indeed.

I've got nothing much to say, sadly. Last weekend Chelsea and I went to San Diego to go visit Mike. That was cool. Not being in Camarillo and such. We drove around the area. We ate good Japanese food, we watched television. We made Chelsea sleep until 13.00 and then made her stay in her PJ's till around 17.30. We had really good Greek food. Chelsea and I then went home. That covered the two days Chelsea and I spent in San Diego.

This weekend I'm in Camarillo. Today I watched four hours of History and Discovery Channel upon waking up. Then I read words from the fatty book on my desk I had mentioned in a previous entry. At one point I had a giant throbbing headache which was rather disabling. To cure it, I decided a nap was in order. However, the headache persisted and I decided to wage war against it by taking some Advil. Through defeat, it vanished and I was much more content than moments before... or something like that.

Wow.. It's been 18 days since I last wrote an entry. How terrible. But... There really hasn't been anything to write about. A funny (but not really) pattern: 12 entries in December, 6 in January, 3 in February and so far 1 in March. It seems that these days I spend most of my time at home in my room. I'm quite content with this. I like my room.

At work I've been diligently working on OUPP, or Omniupdate Personal Page, a product similar to Google Homepage but targeted at Colleges and other Higher Ed. Institutions. Still not fully sure what is to become of it. Whether or not it will be sellable or not remains to be seen, but Lance Merker, my boss, is quite excited about it. Would certainly be a nice thing to have on my resume. We'll see how it goes.

My aunt and uncle returned to Switzerland this past Thursday. Today (Saturday) would have been their first full day back in Switzerland. They came, and left all too quickly like all my relatives who visit us. But oh well. That is how it goes.

Hm... Hm.. Hm.. Indeed. There's just not a whole lot to write about. Perhaps there is, but I don't recall it. This will be the 491st entry to this weblog. Almost 500! Neato. Perhaps some time spent in the shower will bring to light some things to write about... Nope. That didn't help.

Oh well. The end.
Posted by xiphias @ 13:13, March 20, 2006
Marco. I'm thinking of putting up a wiki-based lexicon game on my webspace. If you don't know what that is, don't worry, I'll explain it some time. I was just wondering if you'd be up to playing. We should get like 10 people in on it to make it fun. - Mathias

Posted by xiphias @ 13:14, March 20, 2006
PS - Your AJAX here for the comments is very nice. doubleplusgood comrade.