oh bushie 'n sodamy. play nice
Published Thursday March 20th, 2003

Oh, bushie, bushie, bushie! Oh, Sodomy, sodomy, sodomy!
Bushie want some action, Sodomy likes it too. Oh, the simple politics which govern our world. Poor little Bushie n' ol' Sodomy too. Naive are those who believe in war. Relative: the good side. Problematic: Must we draft our religions in it too? United Nations: invalidatable, seemingly bypassable.

foukou> today we had this stupid book check thing and I had to carry all mybooks to the library.. and now my entire body is sore.. hahahahahaahahaha... can you tell I don't really.. ever.. move?
iosif> foukou: hahaha
eclipse> hahaha

Heh.. so... yep. School today.. hrm... normal untill lunch... then, i went with a few people from german class and went to some middle school, Monete vista.. i drove myself there.. and.. then.. we just presented different languages available at ACHS, and .. yatta yatta... basically.. it got me out of school with little effort. heh.. we finished early so... i drove around.. went bome.. then left home again to go pick up daniela who was still at school... heh... yup...
tomorrow... my mom goes to switzerland... heh.. yep. I'm going with to LAX.. that'll be fun.. especially since now that.. bushie has started his war mongering and security is even tigheter at LAX... lol, road blocks.. how fun... it'll be an interesting day.. i do home my moms flight goes well... heh.. im a bit uneasy about the whole thing but.... yeh....
hrm... so..... im going to go to bed now....