Sunday: i get monday off!
Published Sunday February 9th, 2003

heh.. yey... Today my parents and i traded rooms so now i am in the downstairs master bedroom (there are 2, one upstairs and one downstairs) and.. for the first time in my life i have my computer in my room! woohooo!!! yeeeaaah!! isnt that cool? oh i think so!.. lol.. hrm.. yep.. thats ALL that happened this saturday.. it took all day .. lol, very tiring... heh. but.. its done.. heh.. except for a few things here and there that need to be put away and whatnot... heh... im about ready to leave for the evening and go to bed.. so.. heh.. yep! first night.. we'll see how it goes, ey? .. oh indeed... tomorrow i may go and drive for the first time by myself with my liscence.. as.. i havent really gone anywhere yet or even driven yet.. lol... my quest will be to go find some sound dampening padding type stuff so i can further cast out the loud sounds which exude from my huge towers 2 heatsink fans.. lol.. WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... heh.. id like to get it to where its more like wrrr... and then.. better yet... .. .. that would be perfect. lol. heh... well then.. .. yep... ... yup yup yup!... err..t hats all i have to say, as you can tell.. so, off i go to sleep.