Happy Easter
Published Sunday March 31st, 2002

Check out this video of my house.

Well then, happy easter to those whom it applies. Hrm, well then... today, i started my day at roughtly 1500... perfect time of day to start my day, no? yes! most splendid, infact... well then... Today, i didnt really do anything interesting.. i got a LOT of email from the epiar devel mailing list.. gaah! i left my computer for about 5 hours and when i returned i had 10 or so emails from the epiar devel list... aaaaii!! Hrm, well then... Today was really slow, actually... didnt really do much of anything productive.. about the most coding i did today.... wasnt even coding.. just.. more copy pasting of sprite definitions in epiar... and. now i wish to commit it to cvs but.. for some reason i cant... the server is telling me i dont have write permissions even when i clearly do... gaaaf!!! Thats annoying, indeed.... hrm, well then... as we speak i am eating dried up cow... yummy, dried meat... from cow.. yey.. anyways.. hrm.. as i stated before there really isnt anything new... indeed... what shall i do tomorrow? hrm... how shall i spend my time.. dunno... anyways, thats it for today, i believe....