Dream Memory
Published Tuesday September 11th, 2007 from Camarillo, CA. Listening to Muse, feeling tired.

Sometimes, I feel like my mind is trapped in body. I want to escape it. I've tried, but I'm always forced to return.

I was in class. The Mayan were being discussed. Tikal Tikal Tikal.. Why is that name so familiar?.. And suddenly I knew. The answer lay in a box, but it contained an 'h'.

I was at work earlier this evening typing away when unexpectedly the remembrance of a dream I had had the night before was thrust forward into my consciousness. A salient memory of a dream I had absolutely no recollection of having was suddenly almost as clear as crystal, vivid in many details. The memory felt as though there was absolutely no doubt that I had in fact dreamt it, unquestioningly sensing that the dream was one I truly had dreamt. But had I really? The randomness and the quick relentless insertion of the dream memory into my consciousness would almost seem to speak of neurons in my mind miss-firing as with déjà vu. One second the memory did not exist in my consciousness and then in the next it did.

Moments later, the memory which had so recently been evinced seemed distant and remote. The clarity and vividness eroded away.

Posted by Chris @ 02:43, September 12, 2007
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