arived in switzerland
Published Tuesday July 24th, 2001

Welp, i have arived in switzerland! actually, i arrived yesterday, but thats besides the point, is it not? well, either way, i am now in switzerland and i love it! yesss! its so nice here, laa dee doo! hmm.. currently... as i post this, it is about 1330 gmt+1 and, 0430 local server time (pst, gmt-8) so... yup.. my grandparents r taking naps or whatnot and so im like.. hmm.. ok.. i think ill go on the computer.. and... so... here i am! aaah! this keyboard! the keys... r.. not.. in..... qwerty layout.. instead.. its like... qwertz.... lol.... yea.. german standard keyboard not exactly the same as an english standard keyboard.. i wonder if they actually call their system qwertz here... lol..... hmm.. interesting to ponder about.. sadly i dont know anyone around here that has enought computer knowledge to be able to tell me... hmm... oh-well... ill look it up on the internet... yep... hmm.. soo... later today at around 1700 (times from now on are my local, gmt+1) im going to go to my other grandparents[moms] house and go eat dinner there and say hello and whatnot. my aunt and my cousins have rented a cabin up somewhere and tomorrow i and my grandparents[dads] are goingto meet up with them.. then, i might stay with them and go swimming, and whatnot else... i also hear that there is a ride there called a "r