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Published Tuesday September 9th, 2003

Ah, whaddya know.. Another medieval torture device... The Wheel, in concept similar to crucifixion...
"The prisoner was tied to the side of the wheel lying on the scaffold, stretched across its spokes and hub. The victim's limbs shattered the limbs one by one with a heavy iron bar. Each arm and leg was broken in several places before the job was done. A skilled executioner would smash the bones of his victim without piercing the skin. The wheel was then propped upright so onlookers could appreciate the dying gasps of the victim.

At first the severity of the injuries was thought to be sufficient to bring about death. Later the exectutioner ended the torture by one or two blows to the chest. The wheel could be refined, too, to include other torturous aspects. A suspended wheel might be turned over a fire or a bed of nails. In any event it meant unbearable suffering for the victim."

Heh, sounds like a lovely. I'm not quite sure that, today, i am able to say that, i'd rather die of this method then go to school. Then again, its questionable, even though taking into consideration the sarcasm, that i'd say i'd rather die by any of the past devices. But, what the heck, this is just a news posting, im trying to amuse myself by looking up little devices of death, because School is painful to attend, so.. why not, right? Sure.

Heh, so i was watching Unscrewed on techtv today.. and they had some piece on some hand held lie detector, for only $30 bucks with shipping.. so, being shopping-impulsive as i am (right.), and the fact that i've always wanted to try one of these things out, i figured lets try it! SO i bought one from link>. What the hell, why not, right? See if the thing works.. only $30 bucks.. right?... d'oh. I expect it to be a piece of shit, lol. PROVE ME WRONG, WORLD! PROVE ME WRONG!

Hrm.. okay, so.. woke up today... didnt have a car, parents needed both.. was driven to school by mom, school passed slowly, painfully... normaly.. i finally got switched out of Am. Gov't Standard and.. tomorrow.. i get to go to a whole new class! woo-hoo.. Great. Im stoked, wait.. no i'm not. Get to walk in there, i have to communicate with the teacher.. yea.. i got switched.. hullo.. yea.. la de do.. here's my schedule.. mkay.. yep... please give me a seat so i can sit down and disapear and never speak to you again. Thank you. bwah. Lookin' forward to that event, i am. Moi foi.. ...

ANyways, lunch came around.. woopedy doo.. 5th period passed and.. then, i got a ride home from Kate, thank you for that. Anyways, at home.. i let myself find a piece of filet mignon in the fridge, cut of the stupid fat crap i dont like, seasoned it with really kick-ass swiss seasoning called Rustica (it kicks ass!) cooked it in a frying pan, Rare... and.. ate it.. mmmm, yum. Piece of Filet Mignon and a full glass of really cold Milk. lol, what a meal. I then, headed off to my room.. and... maybe sat around a bit, and then took a 2 hour nap until 1700 something. How exciting. I'm sure everyone who is reading this (at most, although very unlikely, 2 people) are very interested in these little details... i mean.. why would you not be? Heh.. At least i've got those web-crawlers and web-spiders out there that inded this text for their search engines.. they sort-of read this stuff.. lol... rather pathetic, i know. Oh-well. ... Heh, yea... uhm.. not much else eventful happening... Wednesday tomorrow.. half way through the week.. looking forward to the weekend. 3 reasons, can you guess them?

Hrm.. so then... for a while i've been interested in re-learning french again, as i used to speak it when i was quite young and i used to live in Lausanne, Switzerland where they spoke swiss-french. I've mentioned this a few times before in prior blog entries... (you care, i know you do.) Anyways, Kate is also interested in learning french, which is convenient because, i do too! She learned a little italian using free online resources, dummie books and audio cd's... So, maybe this approach for french... Heh, im hoping that, as i hear more of the language again, it'll sort of come back to me from my child-hood, but.. i'm not counting on it..

Heh, so... by the end of this month of september, 2 guys from switzerland will be staying with us in the guesthouse as they attend some music (i believe) school... This came about in that.. They knew a teacher which my dad once had, and she knows my dad plus the fact that he lives here. I believe she's visited before, too.. however i dont recall. So.. anyways.. yea.. my parents offered them the opertunity to stay in the gguesthouse.. heh, so.. that's cool... THEN, another person from switzerland is planning on staying here with us.. My cousin, Anna from my dad's side of the family wants to, and is probably comming to stay here with us in the main house also towards the end of september... REason being .. she wants to submerge herself in english language... while she's here shes doing some internship/volounteer work for a church my mom attends, as she, like my mom, are into their religion, and take it seriously, as it is their right to do. Heh, anyways... im a bit excited about that... She's a cool person.. heh.. yeps... Anyways..

I believe these last sentances conclude todays little feable blog entry, as.. it is passed 2300 and i'd like to go to bed, as to not be TOO tired in the morning and the day which is to follow.. heh.. ANyways.. yea..
Posted by Gaz @ 03:07, January 15, 2004
I'm just wondering whether you've got the contact details or more info about the rustica seasoning, i.e producer.