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Published Thursday February 17th, 2005

The beach on a stormy evening through the eyes of my mobile phones crappy camera.

Heh.. Yep. A bunch of days (3) have passed by again since I last wrote anything.. And here I am writing some more. My parents just got home from some Opera they saw in L.A. Fascinating. ... Anyway.. yea!

Heh.. Monday was.. I don't really remember what I did on Monday.. *shrugs* oh well.

Tuesday.. uhh.. Right! Tuesday I went to Santa Barbara, dropped off some film to be developed, went to the Brooks library and wrote a report, picked up my processed film, mounted it on a 8x10 matte board.. or some dimension around there.. Dropped that off, and then I registered for classes next session (starting on March 7th).. Oh yes they are dandy classes.. Photo 102 and English Composition.. Goooooodie on the latter one. Better yet, English Composition meets at 07.00 in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday! Woooooohoooooo!! PHO102 is at 16.45 until 19.00.. But i don't have school Wednesdays or Fridays! I almost have a 4 days weekend every week because I don't have class on Monday until 16.45. Which means I can sleep in until 13.00, lounge around a bit, and then head to class. But the 07.00 in the morning part sucks. Especially on Thursdays because I have the class at 07.00 in the morning, and then another class at 16.45.. and a whole lot of time in between to.. uhm... sleep in my car... which I guarantee I will do.

Anyway.. I drove home Tuesday.. Here are some pictures to get some reactions from people!.. But first.. my djembe!

My djembe! Read the latter part of this entry if you want more info.

La de do.. Driving in SB county.

That's me.

Right before La Conchita.

The average speed. My speedometer is off by 10-15mph.

Checking rear view mirror for cops.

This one's good. :) Me eating a sandwich, taking a photo with my phone.. and... one more thing.. what was the third thing again? .. Gah, I can't remember. Oh well.

A sign in Oxnard that I have never seen anyone follow. (unless there is traffic and no one is going more than 30mph.)

.. Don't ask, I don't know.

I really like this location. Every time I drive passed it I think to myself how I want to go take a nice photograph there.


Heh, Anyway.. Tuesday evening Matt, Jesse, Chelsea, and I met up with Danielle, and two of her friends from C.L.U, Erin and Sylvia. We met up with them at Wendy's on Wendy Dr. in Newbury Park. We sat around, ... watched some interesting things happen, and then headed back to Camarillo where we (Matt, Jesse, Chelsea, and I) watched Dazed and Confused at Jesse's house.

Yes, I know.. Jesse has these in his blog, but.. Slater is just so cool!..
I love the film, Dazed and Confused.

Heh.. Wednesday, or.. 11 minutes and 13 seconds ago.. Went to class.. We presented our slide show assignments.. People actually understood, and laughed! at my presentation where I have Jesse struggling to drive a manual car, continuously stalling it and finally giving up, hunched over on the ground next to the civic after banging his fists on the ground. After class I went and bought some iso 100 4x5 polaroid because I ran out, drove home, got my 135 and headed to Chelsea's where she modelled for me for my window-light portraiture assignment.. Heh. Thank you Chelsea for modelling! Matt quickly dropped by to pick up my portable hard drive + card reader so that he could take a bazillion photos while he is out east until next Monday.

Chelsea and I headed over to Jesse's house, and 34 minutes after arriving I left again, went home.. and photographed my sister Andrea with the 4x5 again, window-light portraiture assignment. Heh.. Loads of fun.

Oh well.. The sun set, and I got hungry.. I headed down to Quizznos and Daphnees in the company of Andrea and got some food for myself and Daniela. Andrea was being lame and didn't want anything else but Macaroni & Cheese (blek.) .. Here's where all of this gets really interesting... I took a shower after eating my pseudo-Greek gyro pita for dinner. Isn't that fascinating? Oh well. I headed over to Chelsea's where I met up with both Chelsea and Simon to embark on an adventure which took us to Target where we ran into Gem and her boyfriend. We chatted a bit, and then Chelsea bought some board game we found.. We departed Target, drove around a bit, and then met up with Jesse at Jack in the Box ... on Santa Rosa. We then drove to Jesse's where we played the "Imagine iff..." game. It was really fun and we must play it again and more. Heh..

At around 11.09 We departed Jesse's house and eventually made it to our respective homes. Now I am here.. typing these words. Fascinating, I know. Oh! A whole bunch of Rivella arrived today. I love Rivella.. It's so good.. Just don't ask Chelsea.

Ha ha.

Heh.. Yep... I'm going to go to bed now.
Posted by Simon+ @ 01:36, February 17, 2005
Ack, missed out on another movie! never tried the rivella stuff... too busy running a blatant red lights and playing 'imaginiff' i spose.

Posted by marwin+ @ 09:40, February 17, 2005
about the average speed: I don't belive you. That's just like you are used to drive in CH....

Posted by Bonez @ 10:47, February 17, 2005
"Prickford!" "Wouldabeen happenin?" "Its a bummer about your party man..." "What can i say, its beyond me the driver bricked. And he said keep your eye on the ball. DEAD ISSUE" "Hey slater, gonna play some foosball?" "yeah, man" "Alllllright"

Posted by Marco @ 13:54, February 17, 2005

Posted by chris @ 21:14, February 18, 2005
all your photos should come from that cell phone camera. it\\\'s cool. so cheap and almost annalog quality. im an annalog whore. bang me! btw, the correct spelling of annalog doesnt work because your bad word filter is bad, jk. i love you! *smooch*

Posted by Marco @ 21:23, February 18, 2005
...Hahaha... you're right... annalog spelled correctly wouldnt work.. hahaha... damnit.. my laziness in programing has failed me yet again. Grr. And .. yes... phone cameras are sweet and ultra high rez... i mean... low quality and painful like ghetto technology and old hardware... the stuff you're way into. You disgust me.