Moudi Seul
Published Sunday February 6th, 2005

It would seem as though I have the time and motivation for an entry into my weblog. Not a whole lot to say, and plenty I'm not going to mention..

I have just returned home, rather early, from a entertaining evening with Jesse, Simon, Chelsea and Matt.. Jesse, Simon, Chelsea and I first went to Golf 'n Stuff where Chelsea and I watched Simon and Jesse play Marvel vs. Capcom or something of that sort. After nearly 2 hours of this, we went to Skating Plus and skated from around 20.40 until almost 23.30. Matt showed up at around 21.45 and we all went around in circles on shoes with 4 wheels. Why? Because it's fun. Last Tuesday or Monday, or perhaps Wednesday Chelsea, Matt and I were in Moorpark and we went ice skating. That was fun too. I mention it because I didn't ever really fall ice skating, but I fell numerous times roller skating on my own accord and due to sabotage. Various parts of my body ache now from the skating.. and all that came with the skating.

After the skating fun we went to In-n-Out to eat and drink things. This was followed by dropping people off and going home. Now I sit here in my room, on my laptop, and I find that I am in an odd mood.

I miss hearing people speak Swiss German in public. I miss Switzerland. I hate the word 'miss.' I also recall my time in Greece. My time in the village of Oia on Santorini, sitting in a meditative position staring at the beautiful buildings and the Aegean Sea. I was reminded of this this evening at Golf 'n Stuff. I sat cross-legged on a brick wall/bench thing.. But the scenery wasn't very beautiful.. and the locale wasn't very special either. I like that word, 'locale.'

The coming week is week 5 of my first session at Brooks. Only week 6 and week 7 remain. Time is passing so quickly. Ever since high school ended, time has been flashing by. High school was a big waste of time. Does no one with authority over the matter realise this? But.. oh well.. I'm done with high school.

I can't concentrate on my thoughts.. There are too many floating in my head right now.. They all seem so incomplete. I don't like it when people watch or observe me. I can feel it when people do. I can see them out of the corner of my eye. I usually don't acknowledge it. If I turned, I could make eye contact. I find eye contact awkward. Whenever I make eye contact with someone I feel trapped.. Locked, staring into their eyes and I find it challenging to look away. I think eyes are pretty. I observe and watch people all the time. Body language is fascinating, so are facial expressions. I bet that my facial expressions are pretty easy to read. I don't like it when people watch me, yet I watch others all the time. I hate hypocrisy.. Yet.. said thing makes me a hypocrite on that front. To be police is to be a hypocrite. If there were hypocrisy awards, police would surely be a nominee.

Hrm.. This is the 412th weblog entry on this site.. And as I write this, there have been 395 comments made on the weblog entries.. I can't wait until the comment number is greater than the number of weblog entries. That will make more sense.

Know what I like to do? I like going back to this entry... and I really love looking at this image. It's like shoving a fine knife through my chest and rotating it around clock, or counter-clock wise, snapping my rips and mixing up my internals. I dunno why that got so graphic. This is also a really fun page to visit. It makes me sigh. *sigh*

I don't know what I'm talking about anymore. I'm just rambling and babbling. I have a bunch of photos I should post.. I think I said that in the last entry..

Tomorrow... Or rather, today.. I'm going to go shoot some 4x5 Chrome.. That's what I'm going to do.. among other things, I'm sure.

I think I'm just going to go to bed instead of staying up longer and sitting here in my chair and not really doing much of anything.. Oh! I forgot to mention that last Monday I got a djembe. It's an African drum from Mali. It's really cool and a lot of fun... So I leave you with this interesting stuff I found googleing for info on the drum..

Taken from link
Djembe and Djembefola
Copyright 2004
Posted by Chelsea @ 09:26, February 06, 2005
How interesting about the drum, and my kudos to you for gettign one. Oh, and sorry for knocking you down, and I am afraid to say I am one of those guilty of watching you. I have the habit of observing people too, so I apologize, and shall try not to.

Posted by Marco @ 11:58, February 06, 2005
Yes, how dare you! My arm hurts real bad right now! All because of YOU! Ha ha. I'll get over it. :)

Posted by Simon+ @ 12:31, February 06, 2005
Psh at least Chelsea was sneaky enough to take the water, and make you fall; she is more of an assassin than a thief at that point i spose. You were just too quick for me to steal the water though, damns, i thought i was fast. i watch you too i spose, i did take blatant video of you skating hahaha!

Posted by Marco @ 12:47, February 06, 2005
na, you were just too slow to take the water. You and those videos.. ANy of them descent?

Posted by Bonez @ 13:02, February 06, 2005

Posted by Marco @ 13:07, February 06, 2005
vvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr vrrrrrrrr rooooooooooooommmmmm! EEEEEEEEEEE... rrroooooom bbbrrrroooooooooommmm... vrrrrrrr

Posted by Di @ 19:14, February 06, 2005
[Helping you get the comment number above the entry number...] Ahhh, I miss ice skating with the gang, that is awesome.

Posted by chris @ 14:37, February 07, 2005
you make my favorite mental droppings.