Index: Greece
Published Thursday November 18th, 2004

This entry acts as an index to all of the entries I wrote during the time I was in Greece between October 16th and November 3rd, 2004. 383 photographs have been included among the 12 entries from Greece. These were selected out of approximately 3000 photographs taken on the trip. The 383 included photographs have not been altered. They have been converted to JPEG from the original camera RAW. If the entries and the writen text is of no interest, one can view all 383 photographs here.

In addition to an index for all the entries writen in Greece, this entry also contains some extra goodies. Panoramic images and a finances table. While the finances table might not be the most exciting thing, the panoramic images are definately worth a glance. However, I recommend that those who plan on reading the entries, read them first, and then view the panoramic images and their commentary. The commentary will make more sence this way.

Entries Index

The following 12 entries in ascending order with respect to their creation dates, were written in a notebook during my travels in Greece between October 16th and November 3rd, 2004.
Oct 16thE95 into Athens.My arrival in Athens and Greece.
Oct 17thA day around the AcropolisMy first day in Athens spent at and around the Acropolis
Oct 18thA 2nd day around the AcropolisMy second day in Greece spent again, around the Acropolis.
Oct 20thAthens-Nafplio, Nafplio-OlympiaThe start of the guided tour around mainland Greece. From Athens to Nafplio, and the next day from Nafplio to Olympia making many stops and visits to archeological sites in between.
Oct 23rdOlympia-Patra-DelphiFrom Olympia to the port city of Patra from where I headed to the mountain village of Delphi.
Oct 24thDelphi-Kalampaka-Athens-MykonosAfter exploring the ruins in Delphi, I continue on the guided tour of mainland Greece to Kalampaka where I see the Meteora the following day and then return to Athens as the tour comes to a conclusion. The next day I leave Athens and take a ferry boat to the island of Mykonos in the Cyclades.
Oct 28thMykonos-Santorini After spending two full days in Mykonos, during which I take a day trip to the island of Delos on which I find a very impressive archeological site, I meet some people with whom I travel via boat to the island of Santorini.
Oct 29thSantorini (Part 1)The first day on Santorini I spend doing a lot of walking to the highest points on the island. I visit the Ancient city of Thira and become fed up with the local bus drivers.
Oct 31stSantorini (Part 2)The last two days I spend on Santorini, I visit the village of Ia twice because I found it to be so very beautiful taking many, many photographs.
Oct 31stGlimpse of commercial space travel?Some observations I made during traveling on the ferry boats and how I envision the future of commercial space travel.
Nov 1stParos-Piraeus, Athens. A reviewAfter reluctantly leaving the island of Santorini, I spend the night on the island of Paros to continue my journey back to Athens the following day. I spend some time on the trip to Athens reviewing my time in Greece.
Nov 3rdThe conclusion to Greece tripHaving returned to Greece, and spent my last final day in Athens, and Greece, the time comes to head back home to Switzerland.

Panoramic Images

These are some panoramic images created from stitched together photographs I took during Greece. The worksmanship quality is very low. While some of these may appear again in the future, more carefully stitched and blended together, here they are just to give a spectacular view of some of the places I visited. With the exception of one image, the individual photographs making up these panoramic images were taken with the use of a tripod. I highly recommend that the images be viewed at a higher resolution than they are displayed here which is possible by clicking on each individual image. For the simple-minded: Click on image make it bigger. Additionally, it is recommended that one reads the entries to understand some or more of what I'm talking about in the commentary.

This first image is from the city of Athens, Greece. On the right is the Acropolis, and to the left the Ancient Agora. Notice the worn down rock on the very left and right sides. Facing about north east, approximately a 220 degree view.

Again the city of Athens, this time from the Acropolis facing about south west in the direction of Piraeus, the port of Athens. In the center, a half missing hill due to poor stitch work where the next panoramic image was taken from. About a 180 degree view.

Facing south,east, and north, this approximately 220 degree view shows Athens port on the right and the Acropolis on the left. Notice how the city abruptly and completely stops at the base of the mountain.

This approximately 280 degree panoramic is from the same location as the image prior to this one. Taken about an hour after sunset. The Acropolis at night is in the center left.

This is the only free-hand (taken without a tripod) panoramic image here. It shows the Acropolis in the center right and a general view of the Ancient Agora. Some of the Plaka is visible in the center. Approximately 150 degrees.

This approximately 150 degree panoramic image shows a part of the village of Delphi facing a generaly southward direction.

An approximately 220 degree panoramic image of the Platis Gialos beach I visited on the island of Mykonos.

A 360+ degree view on the edge of the main town on the island of Mykonos.

A bit under 180 degrees, this image shows the main town on the island of Mykonos. The buildings in the foreground, right on the water edge are called "Little Venice." The photos were taken a few minutes before the start of sunset.

Approximately 180 degrees, this panoramic images shows the old harbour of Mykonos during sunset. On the very right, on the ground are some purses which some guy was trying to sell. A tad bit to the left of the sun is the boat which I took to get to the small island of Delos.

Over 360 degree view of the entire island of Thira or Santorini from a bit under 600 metres on the mountain Profitis Ilias, the highest point on the entire island. In the distance, right after the mountain I stood on ends, is another inhabited island identifiable by the sprinkles of white. To the right of the right end of this island, also in the distance, is the beautiful village of Ia, a tad bit to the left, right below the clouds, at the very edge of the caldera, or cliff is the down of Fira where I stayed. In the centre is the town of Kamari, and on the very right the town of Perissa. Between Kamari and Perissa, on the mountain adjacent to the one this panoramic was taken on, just behind and below the rock pile are the ruins of Ancient Thira. This is a very poorly stitched panoraic of about 20-30 photographs.

Approximately 180 degrees of Santorini's caldera or now submerged crater. This panoramic image is from the castro in the small village of Ia. In the centre left is a rounded large mountain from where the panoramic just prior to this one was taken. The small island in the centre of the caldera, in the centre of this panoramic image is the active volcano of Santorini, the one which blew the island appart and formed this caldera many, many years ago.

More or less the same location as the image above this one at around 150 degrees of view. On the very left is a part of the village of Ia.

A bit more than 180 degrees, a view of the village of Ia. This is from the same location as a famous photograph by George Meis. If this isn't beautiful, then I don't know what would be.

Same location as the image above, but only about 100 degree view. I think it's absolutely beautiful.

Again, same location as the previous 2 panoramic images, but at at a focal lenght of around 60-70mm. This image shows the ideal shot of how the island of Santorini is advertised.

Taken in the town of Fira during sunet. About a 180 degree view with the town of Fira on the very left and right. The village of Ia would be on the right side of the image if there wasn't a cliff-side hidding it from view. Santorini's volcano in the centre.

Finances Table

This is my balance from the trip. Everything I purchased was recorded and is now in this list. This does, however, not include the 500 Euros I paid for the 5 day tour of mainland Greece. Including this tour, the total balance for the trip would be 1645 Euros. This is generally about the amount I alloted myself (1800 Euros was my max goal). If this isn't the most fascinating thing ever!, then I don't know what is..

Date Purchased Debit Running Debit Total Day Debit
20041016 ticket-public transportation from airport 2.90 2.90
20041016 Dinner 17.40 20.30
20041016 Ouzo liquor-mini 3.00 23.30 23.30
20041017 lunch-salad+coke 10.80 34.10
20041017 Dinner-"mixed grill" 27.00 61.10
20041017 2 cokes 2.00 63.10
20041017 Head+shoulders 300mL shampoo 4.00 67.10 43.80
20041018 lunch-coke+chicken sandwich 7.50 74.60
20041018 Watermelon Bacardi Breezer 2.50 77.10
20041018 archeologist site-olympian Zeus monument 1.00 78.10
20041018 Dinner-gyros mixed 16.20 94.30 27.20
20041019 Hotel Amaryllis 135.00 229.30
20041019 Raisins+500mL coke 2.80 232.10
20041019 lunch-greek salad 5.00 237.10 142.80
20041020 Mycenean statuette 19.00 256.10
20041020 coke 2.00 258.10
20041020 lunch-cabbage wraps 8.00 266.10
20041020 Greek Dance+alcohol 19.00 285.10 48.00
20041021 Coke+backed rolls (pizza flavour) 1.60 286.70
20041021 lunch-stuffed cabbage 9.00 295.70
20041021 Boat tickets for island hopping 101.30 397.00 111.90
20041022 lunch-spagetti 6.50 403.50
20041022 Coke 2.00 405.50 8.50
20041023 Icon-monestery 17.50 423.00
20041023 lunch-grilled pork+chips 7.50 430.50
20041023 water 0.50 431.00
20041023 Coke 330Ml, nestle crunch 2.80 433.80
20041023 Dinner-Breezer,coke,chicken souvlaki 20.00 435.80
20041023 Coke 1.00 454.80 49.30
20041024 Hotel Omega 35.00 489.80
20041024 lunch 8.80 498.60
20041024 Coke on boat Highspeed 4 1.50 500.10
20041024 2 Bacardi Breezers 4.20 504.30
20041024 map of mykonos 2.50 506.80
20041024 ring 23.00 529.80
20041024 dinner-rolled gyro+coke 3.30 533.10
20041024 hotel-2 nights+breakfast 60.00 593.10 138.30
20041025 Water+snack 1.70 594.80
20041025 Bus to Plati Gialos 0.90 595.70
20041025 ice cream 6.50 602.20
20041025 Bus back to Mykonos town 0.90 603.10
20041025 dinner-rolled gyro+coke 3.30 606.40
20041025 3rd night hotel room on mykonos, nobreakfast 25.00 631.40
20041025 2nd ring for index finger 22.00 653.40 60.30
20041026 boat to and from Delos 6.50 659.90
20041026 water 0.50 660.40
20041026 book on delos from delos museum 5.50 665.90
20041026 afternoon lunch-gyro 3.40 669.30
20041026 dinner-chicken gyro roll 3.30 672.60 18.80
20041027 croissant+coke 1.60 674.20
20041027 chocolate filled croissant 2.00 676.20
20041027 2 nights hotel in Fira 50.00 726.20
20041027 milkshake-sunset-santorini 6.50 732.70
20041027 Dinner-chk a la crème,veg soup,tea 11.30 744.00
20041027 3 cokes, milk,misc fast food 5.05 749.05 76.45
20041028 Bus from Fira to Kamari 0.90 749.95
20041028 Watermelon Bacardi Breezer 2.80 752.75
20041028 Bus from Perissa to Fira 1.50 754.25
20041028 chocolate cake+milk 6.00 760.25
20041028 milk+bacardi pineaple breezer 3.30 760.75
20041028 new journal+10 postcards w/ stamps 15.70 779.25
20041028 Dinner-soup,gyro special 14.75 794.00
20041028 milk+chocolate croissant, bread 3.60 797.60 48.55
20041029 2 nights more in hotel (29/30) 50.00
20041029 taxi to Ia from Fira 12.00 809.60
20041029 lunch-kiwi,apple,milk 1.45 811.05
20041029 bus from Ia to Fira 0.90 811.95
20041029 2 large George Meis prints 26.00 837.95
20041029 Dinner-grilled meatballs,tea 9.25 847.20
20041029 breakfast+milk for morning 2.85 850.05 102.45
20041030 Nico Shito milkshake 6.50 856.55
20041030 taxi from Fira to Ia 12.00 868.55
20041030 Peach Juice 1.00 869.55
20041030 Bus from Ia to Fira 0.90 870.45
20041030 mug+shot glass 8.30 878.75
20041030 milk,breakfast,3 cokes 5.00 883.75 43.55
20041030 Dinner-stuffed meatball 9.85 943.60
20041031 Bus to Athinios Port 1.30 944.90
20041031 Gyro pita, beer 5.50 950.40
20041031 Candy-peach rings 2.50 952.90
20041031 hotel room on paros 30.00 982.90
20041031 breakfast+dinner foods 6.40 989.30 45.70
20041101 new pen 0.40 989.70
20041101 metro from Pireaus to Monastiraki 0.60 990.30
20041101 dinner-pork rolled gyro 1.50 991.80
20041101 snack bread 1.30 993.10 3.80
20041102 rolled gyro 1.50 994.60
20041102 peach ic tea 0.90 995.50
20041102 2 gifts vases 25.00 1,020.50
20041102 Ouzo gift 2.50 1,023.00
20041102 2 cokes 2.00 1,025.00
20041102 milk 0.90 1,025.90
20041102 dinner-veal meatbals, green salad 20.00 1,045.90
20041102 1 vase ceramic gift 23.00 1,068.90 75.80
20041103 Hotel Omega 2 nights 70.00 1,138.90
20041103 public transportation to airport 2.90 1,141.80
20041103 2 chocolate croissants 3.20 1,145.00 76.10

Totals public transportation 145.50

Cokes (stand-alone) 10.50

Bacardi Breezers (stand-alone) 9.50

Hotel accomodations 455.00

Food 303.30

Gifts+souvenirs 174.40

Misc. 20.01

entrance fees 20.00

Dinners 155.65

Drinks (stand-alone) 32.60

Average spent per day 60.26

Total expenses 1,145.00

Note that photos in this entry have not been altered and could possibly use some white-balancing, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue adjustments among other touch-ups.
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